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Polytrol Used To Revive a 1996 Ifor Williams Horsebox

Recently we have received a review from a customer that used Polytrol to revive their Ifor Williams horsebox.

Andy was looking to revive the faded colour of his Ifor Williams horsebox and decided to try a sample of our Polytrol colour restorer. He even supplied us with before and after images so we can see how well it worked.

Here’s what Andy had to say;

I have been an Engineer all my life and have used many products that purport to do unequalled repair or unrivalled transformations. But I cannot remember ever being so impressed with a product.

After using the sample pot of Polytrol colour restorer I thought to take some pictures of the project. The whole trailer was thoroughly cleaned with a pressure washer along with the roof and fibre glass front roof panel. Mould and algae were removed with a scrubbing brush and Cillit Bang mould remover.

The side panels are painted flat aluminium sheet which had faded quite considerably over the years. Their appearance was also marred by a previous owner putting transfers on them, which I removed only to discover a darker silhouette, which further spoiled its appearance.

To the painted panels, I applied Polytrol liberally with a brush and then left for 15 Mins. After this, I then used a cloth soaked with Polytrol but with excess squeezed out, to smooth out the excess on the surface and provide an even light coating to dry. I treated the plastic mudguards the same way with fabulous results.

For the “dimple” surfaced aluminium roof and front panel, I found a Scotchbrite pad and soaked it with Polytrol. I then wiped it off once again with a saturated cloth and left it to dry.

I applied the Polytrol on a pleasant day with no excessive sunshine and all was touch dry within 2 hours. By the following day it was perfectly dry and ready for new OEM Decals.

The pictures show it all, what an outstanding transformation.

As you can see, Andy applied the Polytrol perfectly and the results were fantastic!

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