owatrol deco used on various metal surfaces

Reviving rusted metal exterior with Owatrol Deco

An Owatrol Pro customer B Richardson Decorating recently completed a renovation of the exterior of a bungalow. The project included windows, doors, a garage door and upstands for a car port which included lots of rusted metal surfaces.

Rusty Garage Door Before and After Owatrol Deco

He used Owatrol Deco to protect, prime and finish the surfaces in white and was very impressed with the results. He said:

It flows really well, especially the first coat. The opacity level after the first coat was very good too. Once dry it had a nice feel to it. Impressed with the finish, I’ll definitely use it again and for railings, gates, etc it is now my go-to product.

Here you can see the improvement made to these rusty up-stands:

Rusty Upstands Before and After Owatrol Deco

What makes Owatrol Deco different?

Owatrol Deco is a rust inhibiting primer and finish in one, so it doesn’t just cover the rust! It combines the penetrating and adhesive qualities of Owatrol Oil with specially selected pigments to provide a high quality decorative finish, enhanced anti-corrosion protection and exceptional resistance to weathering and pollution.

It is safe to use in confined areas and does not emit dangerous fumes but should not be applied to hot surfaces.

Once cured Owatrol Deco can withstand temperatures of up to 175ºC and is highly elastic so will not peel or flake, even with movement.

Owatrol Deco is primarily thought of as a rust-inhibitor for metal protection but it’s also a multi-surface paint and will adhere to all surfaces – endless uses!

Here you can see the rusty railings looking good as new! Remember the rust is not just covered up, it’s isolated and protected from further corrosion. You can get in touch with B Richardson Decorating via Twitter here.

Rusty Railings Improved with Owatrol Deco

Another customer also sent in these before and after shots using Owatrol Deco in black to spruce up his barbecue:

Rusted BBQ looks good as new with Owatrol Deco

It’s great to have another satisfied Owatrol customer. If you think you have a project that Owatrol Deco could be the solution for, you can purchase it direct from us here with next day delivery.

If you take some before and after shots we’d love to share them on our Facebook page and/or here on our website – we love to showcase what real customers are doing with our products!

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2 thoughts on “Reviving rusted metal exterior with Owatrol Deco

    1. Hi Richard,

      Owatrol Deco works on all surfaces: plastic, wood, ferrous and non-ferrous metals – It gives a high gloss finish which is extremely flexible and will not peel or flake making it perfect for use on plastics and uPVC which are subject to movement.

      Hope this helps,
      The Owatrol Team

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