Cedar clad garden office and deck finished with Owatrol by R&A Pressure Washing Ltd

Cedar clad garden office and deck – revisited

Those of you who have been reading our blog for a while may remember that back in 2017, Roger of R & A Pressure Washing gave a cedar clad garden office/gym and surrounding deck a makeover.

Over those 5 years, the customer hadn’t kept up with maintenance coats and subsequently, the wood was left exposed to weathering, UV rays and pollution.

However, they knew exactly who to call to get their garden space looking bright and fresh again – Roger, of course!

Cladding after Net-Trol & Aquadecks by R&A Pressure Washing Ltd

If you haven’t read the previous post, we recommend doing so here; Makeover for a cedar clad garden office and gym.

Step 1 – Cleaning the wood

Just like in the previous post, Roger began by using Owatrol Net-Trol wood cleaner and brightener. It removes both surface and ground in-dirt, without damaging the fibres and leaves the wood looking bright and new again

Net-Trol is biodegradable and does not contain solvents or bleach, so Roger didn’t need to worry about it burning the grass or neighbouring plants.


  • Firstly, Roger wet the wood with clean, fresh water.
  • Next, the Net-Trol was applied and scrubbed into the surface.
  • Once it was left it long enough to work, he then scrubbed the surface whilst simultaneously rinsing it with water.
  • Then all that was left to do was wait for it to dry.

Step 2 – Finishing the wood

Once the wood was sufficiently dry (24-48 hours later), Roger then finished both the cladding and decking with our water-based wood finish, Aquadecks in the shade, ‘Honey’.


  • First, Roger applied the Aquadecks in sections that he could complete within 30 minutes, working in the direction of the grain.
  • Once the ‘wet look’ of the first application had saturated the wood, he then applied a second coat.
  • After leaving the Aquadecks to fully saturate (15-20 minutes), Roger then wiped away any excess. This avoids it from drying in shiny spots on the surface.

Due to the deck being walked on without a protective coating for so long, it required 2 coats. The cladding, however, was in a better condition and only required a single maintenance coat.

By using these two products together, Roger has not only restored the wood to its former glory but also protected it from the elements once again.

Another big thank you to Roger at R&A Pressure Washing Services for sharing his amazing work with us.

Have you used any of our products to makeover your home or garden? Please feel free to share the project with us – we’d love to see your photos!

We hope you found this post on a cedar clad garden office and deck revisited interesting! If you have any other advice or top tips, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. We love hearing from you!

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cedar garden office and decking revisited - Pinterest. Image by R&A Pressure Washing Ltd

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