Artist Lee Goodwin next to artwork made with Floetrol

Artist uses Floetrol to create Award Winning fluid art

Lee Goodwin has recently won an award for his paint pouring / fluid art. He was The Peoples Choice Winner at the recent Pebeo Mixed Media Exhibition at Menier Gallery, London.

Lee has told us that he used Owatrol Floetrol as a paint pouring medium to create his winning piece.

What is Floetrol & why should I use it in my fluid art?

Floetrol is a water-based paint conditioner which makes interior and exterior emulsion and acrylic paints work more like oil-based paints. It helps to improve paint flow and work-ability and allows the paint to adjust to more difficult conditions; hot, cold, wind etc.

Arguably most importantly, it helps to eliminate brush and roller marks. It does this by improving the flow of the paint. This gives a much more professional looking finish and helps you to make progress more quickly.

Floetrol’s composition helps to create strong well-formed cells most artists look for, without compromising the colour of the paint.

Here’s what Lee has to say about using Floetrol in his art;

Having seen examples of fluid art a few years ago, I decided to look into it more, and did a couple of months of research into the various techniques and materials used in the making of these vivid and colourful pieces of art. Discovering that there was much more to it than just ‘pouring’ paint over a canvas, there were various pouring mediums that could also be used, and the one brand that 9 out of 10 people were using was Floetrol.

I eventually amassed all the materials I needed, including various pouring mediums, and got to work creating. I can honestly say that Floetrol gives me results that are far above any other ‘pouring medium’ I have used. The paint mixture kept its colour, with no lightening, and as a 2 part Floetrol, 1 part paint mixture it makes my paints go much further in terms of volume.

The creation of ‘cells’ is also outstanding, and often I get cells within cells, as is pictured in my painting ‘Rhopalocera’, which I used Floetrol to create, and which was also voted The Peoples Choice Winner at the recent Pebeo Mixed Media Exhibition at Menier Gallery, London.

I would definitely say that Owatrol Floetrol is the leading ‘pouring’ medium.

As you can see, his piece is beautiful and the award was well deserved. Thanks again for choosing to use Owatrol’s Floetrol Lee!

For more information on Floetrol, please click here to go through to the product page.

If you have any more questions about using Floetrol in your art work, we have a Q&A blog post which can be found here.

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