Smart Garden Office use Owatrol SCS

Smart Garden Offices are using SCS for their projects

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We are a little bit in love with the beautiful home working solutions offered by Smart Garden Offices. They design, manufacture and install a broad range of purpose-built garden offices and buildings.

They create their buildings in their own factory in Suffolk, to the very highest of standards. Smart Garden Offices aim to make the most comfortable, attractive, robust and long-lasting garden offices available.

They use Owatrol’s SCS opaque wood finish to finish their garden offices as they know they are getting the best possible quality.

Eastleigh Micro Suffolk Barn by Smart Garden Office finished with SCS

Jess, from Smart Garden Offices says:

Part of the longevity  of our Smart Garden Offices is due to the paint we use to finish the exterior. Owatrol SCS is robust and stays looking attractive and fresh for many years.

We often advise our customers as a top tip that they won’t need to do anything to their Smart rooms until their 10th birthday! Plus each of our designs can have a completely unique feel due to the range of colours on offer.

Using Solid Colour Stain is incredibly easy and as Jess says the maintenance required is minimal. It is also guaranteed against peeling of flaking for 5 years on horizontal surfaces and 15 years on vertical surfaces.

How to apply SCS

First ensure your surface is ready to apply the SCS (Please see our product page for specific information about preparing different surfaces including information about cleaning wood with Net-Trol).

When your wood is ready, simply apply a coat of SCS across the entire surface of the wood. Allow it to dry for 3-4 hours before applying the second coat.

You can also apply it with a spray machine if you wish.

Then you’re done!

Smart Garden Office finished with Solid Colour Stain

Maintenance is minimal but areas with harsh weather or heavy traffic may wear more quickly than other areas.

If this happens, simply clean with Net-Trol and then re-coat with SCS as necessary.

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Smart Garden Offices have a range of beautiful, affordable and practical home office buildings - made in their own factory and installed all across the UK. Smart Garden Offices seek to continue to build the most attractive, long lasting and robust garden offices that don't cost the earth

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