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Drew Decor uses Owatrol Oil in house restoration

This post has been written by Drew Decor who have been using Owatrol Oil for some time now on a variety of projects.

They wanted to share a recent project with us where their client had a lot of work that needing doing on the exterior window frames and sills, front door and canopy, garage and door.

Check out their bio and link to their website at the bottom of the post for more information.

Written by: Richard Drew

We undertook an exterior decorating project in the beautiful, leafy suburb of Whirlow, Sheffield this Summer.

The wood work and metal work had been left for a very long time and put on the back burner because of health reasons.

The task was to repair and paint it back to its former glory.

We have used the product Owatrol Oil a few times before and this was the perfect job for it.

We used the Owatrol Oil on the rusty gates and rusty garage door before applying paint. The Owatrol Oil worked perfectly and was the platform for a perfect finish.

I was slightly sceptical of how versatile this product was. We have used it in our oil based paints for a number of years as a conditioner but hadn’t put it to the test, so we was surprised how good it performed on the rust.

The next test for the Owatrol Oil was the old, weathered, rot damaged wood work. We applied the oil on to the bare wood before we filled and primed it.

The oil left a perfect foundation for the filling and repair work before we applied the paints.

Overall the Owatrol Oil has performed excellently. A product that is so versatile I always have a tin of it in the van.

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