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Dulux Select Decorator of the Year – Review of Floetrol & Owatrol Oil

As professional painters & decorators we have a choice with what paint we use, and most importantly how we use it. I have been testing and reviewing now for ten years and I am only ever interested in things that make a difference to my decorating business.


Trade paint as we know is formulated so the pro decorator can ease it out to suit the job in hand. I used to be happy with using good old fashion water for water based paints and white spirit for anything solvent based.

For many years now I have found something that not only eases the paint to make it better to work with but improves the final finish and with the added bonus of reducing brush and roller marks.

With the change in VOCs, Floetrol & Owatrol Oil is the pro decorators friend as it can increase the paint spread a little further and much, much more….

I use the Floetrol in all my water based paints I.E emulsion, & acrylics be they eggshell, satinwood or gloss.

Owatrol Oil

For solvent based paints, Owatrol Oil really does make a wonderful difference when producing high quality finishing.

The big thing at the moment is hand painted bespoke kitchens & bedrooms and furniture such as alcove built in units and focal pieces like radiator covers and book cases.

Owatrol Oil improves flow and levelling thus enabling the end user to get a better finish and it gives a longer wet edge, so you can spread and lay off the paint. And a rust inhibitor built in…!

Final Thoughts

It’s funny really as professionals we are quite set in our ways and trying to get us to try new thing is very hard…

But when we do take that step its like “I wished I tried that years ago“!

Wayne de Wet
About Wayne de Wet

Wayne has been a top quality decorator for the last 34 years. He is a writer, reviewer and product tester for many painting and decorating products, with a passion for finding quality products. In 2011, he was named Dulux Select Decorator of the Year.

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2 thoughts on “Dulux Select Decorator of the Year – Review of Floetrol & Owatrol Oil

  1. I have painted my fibreglass garage door with Ronseal weatherproof paint, but is flaking in two or three places. Would you use Owatrol ? If so, how should I prepare the door?

    1. Hi Stan,

      Can you tell us are you looking to strip the paint back and revive the fibreglass itself or looking for a paint which will adhere better?

      The Owatrol Team

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