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End of tenancy cleaning checklist

End of tenancy cleaning can be a bit of a daunting task so we have put together a handy checklist to help assist you.

What is end of tenancy cleaning?

End of tenancy cleaning (EOT) is an agreement that a tenant agrees on with their landlord upon rental of a property, where it is agreed as to how the property should be cleaned after the tenant has left.

The extent of the cleaning required is up to the landlord’s discretion.

You will want to make sure you read the EOT cleaning agreement thoroughly before signing any contracts. This is because landlords will usually make it so that if you do not meet the requirements stated in the clause, the landlord has the right to refuse to give back your deposit. This is usually because they will plan to use these funds to hire someone to clean the property.

Man cleaning interior windows

Can I clean the property myself?

In most cases, you can clean the property your self. However, some landlords will have it written up in your contract to get a professional team in to do it. Make sure you check this beforehand as you may find yourself working very hard to get the place spotless, only to have to pay out for someone to take credit for your work!

Some landlords will only ask you to get a professional in to do specific things such as cleaning the oven or cleaning the carpets, so be sure to check how much they expect.

Are there cleaning companies that offer this service?

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Yes! You will find many cleaning companies out there that offer both regular cleaning jobs as well as EOT cleaning jobs. Each one will vary in price depending on how big the property is and what level of cleaning you require.

What cleaning is usually required?

Generally speaking, you want the property to be left in the exact same state that you found it in when you moved in. Wear and tear is something that is unavoidable and some landlords will be reasonable with what they expect from you.

However, it may be beneficial to you to make as much effort as possible to reduce the risk of having your deposit denied.

Here’s a checklist of some of the most common things that are expected when it comes to EOT cleaning.


  • Clean and polish kitchen cupboards and drawers – inside and out
  • Clean refrigerator and freezer – inside and out
  • Microwave – clean internally and externally including the rotating plate
  • Wipe down and clean the interior and exteriors of the washing machine and drier including filters
  • Clean interior and exterior of the dishwasher and remove any limescale
  • Degrease and clean the oven – internally and externally
  • Clean and polish hob and grill
  • Clean, degrease and polish extractor fan and filters
  • Treat surfaces that have mould and/or mildew on them such as tiles, grout, walls etc. with a product such as VC175 anti-mould paint additive.
  • Clean kitchen appliances, internally and externally – kettle, toaster etc.
  • Wash all countertops
  • Clean and polish sink and taps and remove limescale
  • Clean windows (inside and out) as well as window sills and ledges
  • Wipe down and clean any large surfaces such as doors, door frames, skirting boards etc.
  • Clean and wipe down radiators
  • Clean around plug sockets and light switches
  • Vacuum and mop floors
  • Wash carpets
  • Remove cobwebs from ceilings and walls
  • Fix any damages to walls, flooring etc that has occurred during the tenancy

Bedroom & reception/living room

  • Wipe down the door/s
  • Clean and dust any furniture and skirting boards
  • Wash windows (both internally and externally) as well as window sills and ledges
  • Clean and polish inside and out of cupboards, drawers, wardrobes etc.
  • Remove cobwebs from walls and ceilings
  • Dust and clean curtain rails, blinds, coving etc.
  • Clean and polish any picture frames or mirrors
  • Wipe and clean plug sockets, light switches and fittings, plugs and lampshades
  • Clean radiators and/or fire surrounds
  • Vacuum any upholstery
  • Vacuum and mop flooring
  • Wash carpets
  • Fix any damages to walls, flooring etc that has occurred during the tenancy

Bathroom & toilet

  • Clean bath and/or shower and remove any limescale and staining
  • Wash shower screen/curtain both inside and out and descale
  • Clean and disinfect toilet both inside and out
  • Clean and de-scale sink and taps
  • Treat surfaces that have mould and/or mildew on them such as tiles, grout, walls etc. with a product such as VC175 anti-mould paint additive.
  • Clean and polish mirrors
  • Wipe down any cupboards, shelves and other surfaces
  • Clean windows inside and out as well as sills and ledges
  • Wipe down doors, frames and skirting boards
  • Wipe down and clean the towel rails
  • Clean extractor fan and filter
  • Wipe down light switches/pulls
  • Vacuum and mop flooring
  • Fix any damages to walls, flooring etc that has occurred during the tenancy

Entrance hall, hallway and stairs

  • Remove cobwebs from ceilings and walls
  • Clean curtain rails or blinds
  • Polish and clean mirrors and/or picture frames
  • Clean and polish windows internally and externally as well as sills and ledges
  • Vacuum upholstery
  • Wipe down doors, frames and skirting boards
  • Wipe down and polish bannisters, railings and stairway
  • Vacuum and mop any floors
  • Wash carpets
  • Clean light switches, fittings, sockets, plugs and lamp shades
  • Clean and dust cupboards and furnishings both internally and externally
  • Dust and polish all flat surfaces
  • Fix any damages to walls, flooring etc that has occurred during the tenancy

Please note – this list is not a catch-all. These are just some of the things we recommend doing before handing the property back over to the landlord. Please be sure to check your contracts and EOT cleaning agreement within it.

There you have it – our end of tenancy checklist! We hope you found this post helpful. If you have any further tips, tricks or advice, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. We love hearing from you guys!

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