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VC175 Mould Killer

Stops mould growth - add to paint, mortar, grout or adhesives

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VC175 packaging
  • Add VC175 Mould Killer to paint, mortar, grout or adhesives and surfaces will stay like new
  • Powerful and long lasting mould and algae killer
  • Inexpensive paint additive which gives long term protection from mould that is suitable for use in all paints
  • Available in a 50ml bottle
£22.60 including VAT (£18.83 excluding VAT)

In damp or humid conditions most surfaces dis-colour and stain with unsightly mould and mildew growth which, unless checked, continues to be a problem for the life of the surface.

The time to treat surfaces against mould growth is when paint is applied.

A few drops of Mould Killer VC175 added to the paint and your surfaces will stay like new without unsightly and musty smelling mould.

VC175 Tropical Strength Mould Killer is a powerful, long-lasting mould and algae killer which can be added to a wide range of products such as paint, timber stains, textured coatings, grout, mortar and adhesives to prevent the formation of mould and mildew.

Ideal uses for VC175 Tropical Strength Mould Killer

  • Use to form a clear long-life protective anti-mould film to surfaces which are to be left in their natural state.
  • Use as a paint additive which gives long term protection from unsightly mould and is suitable for most paints.

Always read the VC175 Mould Killer Product Information before using and follow the instructions carefully.


Pre-treat contaminated areas with a mould remover. To successfully eliminate the re-appearance on painted surfaces it is also necessary to kill all mould bacteria and spores present on the surface prior to painting, or the mould can grow through the new coating.

Using VC175 to prevent mould growth

Water-based and solvent-based paints and stains:
Add 5ml of Mould Killer VC175 per litre of paint or stain and stir thoroughly.

Mortar, grout, textured coatings, fillers, adhesives:
Add 5ml of Mould Killer VC175 to each kg of ready to use product.

5 reviews for VC175 Mould Killer

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  1. Avatar

    R Verified Owner

    Excellent product which arrived very quickly and well packaged.

    After I removed mould from the alcove using HG mould killer, I used a blocking primer and then a few days later (once dry), I applied 2 coats of paint with VC175 added and mixed into it.
    It did not alter the colour or behaviour of the paint and has been mould free for 2+ months now.

    I am very happy with the results and have half a bottle left so will be using it around my windows next as condensation mildew has appeared around them this winter.

    I would recommend Owatrol VC175 as it’s an effective and affordable resolution to anyone with mould or mildew issues.

    Owatrol VC175
    Before VC175
    After VC175
  2. Avatar

    Cude David J Verified Owner

    Excellent product, excellent service, excellent price, what more can I say.

    • Owatrol Team

      Owatrol Team

      Hi there,

      Thank you so much for your kind words and 5 star review.
      We are very happy you had a great experience using our VC175 Mould Killer and loved the end result.
      If you have any before and after shots (or even only after shots) of your project we would love to make a case study of your experience.
      Please, feel free to drop us an email and we’ll get right to it.

      Thanks again.

      All the very best,
      The Owatrol Team

  3. Avatar

    Samantha Beckinsale Verified Owner

    Great company and this was recommended to me. Easy to use. Dont know the outcome of the mould not returning as hasnt been long enough but am hopeful!

  4. Avatar

    Patrick Charlton

    Used this product to try and get a good finish on a water based paint. Did the job well. Paint had time to flatten and leave a finish similar to a solvent paint. Will definitely use again.

  5. Avatar

    kevin white Verified Owner

    I have a holiday home with a basement which is a bit damp. For several years I tried unsuccessfully to stop mould re-appearing on pine services. One year ago I mixed this product with a wood sealer and varnish and applied it with a brush. The mould has gone!

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