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Owatrol Wood Stripping Guide: The previous coating matters!

In the second part of our wood stripping guide we’re looking at which stripper to use depending on your coating. When looking to strip previous coatings from your wood surfaces there are 2 things that are particularly important – the first being whether you’re doing it inside or outside and the second being what type of coating you are removing.

Different strippers will perform better in removing different types of coating and so knowing the type of coating you are tackling is pretty useful when choosing the right stripper.

The main types of coating you’d be looking to remove would be:

  • Wood oils
  • Paints & opaque finishes
  • Woodstains
  • Varnishes
  • 2-pack paints & powder coatings
  • Mill glaze
  • Grade stamps & other imperfections

The main thing to do is not to panic, it’s easy to become bogged down by the specifics and let it put you off but it really needn’t be all that complicated at all. We’ll go through the main types of coating and which stripper to use in each case but if you’ve just got no idea what sort of coating you’re trying to remove then scroll down to the bottom for our catch all super star!

prepdeck strips a boat deck

If you missed the first post in our Wood Stripping Guide you’ve missed a brief introduction to each stripper – check it out if you don’t know much about our strippers.

Removing mill glaze

Prepdeck is great for removing mill glaze present in new wood but you can only use it on horizontal surfaces as it’s a liquid so you can use Aquanett instead if you’re removing mill glaze from a vertical surface as it’s a gel so won’t run. The stripper and coatings are removed using water and you’ll need to neutralise with Net-Trol after use with both of these strippers.

Removing wood oils

Aquanett is designed specifically for the removal of wood oils and we would recommend it first and foremost. However, you can also use Prepdeck for removing wood oils from your decking (although Aquanett performs better on linseed and teak oils). The stripper and coatings are removed using water and you’ll need to neutralise with Net-Trol after use with both of these strippers.

Removing paints, varnishes and opaque finishes

Dilunett is great for removing paints – it can remove up to 8 coats in a single application. Its gel formula means you can use it on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Clean up is easy as you can rinse it with water. You will need to neutralise the surface afterwards with Net-Trol.

You could, however, use DSP 800 instead, it’s also great at removing paint and doesn’t need neutralising afterwards but it does need to be removed with a scraper or scrubbing brush so may take a little longer.

Stripping interior wood

To strip interior wood use DSP 800 as it’s safe to use inside. It doesn’t emit any harmful fumes and is removed with a scraper or scrubbing brush so it’s not too messy. Perfect for in the house.

Removing 2-pack paints and powder coatings

Use DSP 800 for removing 2-pack paints and powder coatings – it’s really easy to use.

dsp800-packagingWhat if I don’t know which coating to use?

If you didn’t apply the previous coating yourself, or you did but still have no idea what it is then we’d recommend using DSP 800 as your stripper. It’s a catch all stripper which is suitable for removing all types of coatings including 2-pack paints and powder coatings. If you do know your coating or coatings then use the recommended stripper for your use instead.

In the next post in our guide we’ll be running through how to strip your decking. Complete with instructions for different types of coatings commonly applied to decking.

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4 thoughts on “Owatrol Wood Stripping Guide: The previous coating matters!

  1. Hi
    Can you advise what to use to revive/strip my deck that has had liberon oil on it for the last 6 yrs which has regularly been powerwashed and maintained however it’s looking tired now so I would like to take it back to bare wood and start again maybe with one of your decking paints. I have powder coated bifold doors right next to the deck so I want to be sure nothing affects the paint on them?

    1. Hi Julie,

      We would recommend using Aquanett to strip any remaining oil before neutralising your deck with Net-Trol and then applying Decking Paint once the wood is dry. You will need to protect anything around the area by masking it off, we’d recommend covering your bi-fold doors.

      If you need any further help please do get in touch.
      The Owatrol Team

  2. Help! My deck is a mess. I treated it (stupidly) with a dark coloured anti-slip coating several years ago and it’s now flaking badly. I also used it on the railings round the deck like an idiot! I need to strip it right off, but the railings are grooved and finicky to deal with. I have no idea what I used. And it’s a big area so it’s going to cost! Approx 35sq m.
    Can you help with a solution? Please!

    1. Hi Pat,

      Thank you for your query.

      For this project, we would recommend you use Prepdeck to strip the previous coating.
      Prepdeck is a high-grade stripper for all wood finishes: https://www.owatroldirect.co.uk/product/prepdeck/
      You will need to apply the Prepdeck and be sure to scrub it in thoroughly to the grooved railings. This can be tricky but it is really worth the extra attention.

      After stripping the wood, you will need to neutralise it with Net-Trol: https://www.owatroldirect.co.uk/product/net-trol/

      We also have a blog post where a client had a grooved deck that required stripping here: https://www.owatroldirect.co.uk/case-study-balau-decking-restored/

      I hope this was helpful.

      All the best,
      The Owatrol Team

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