remove black marks from your boat

How to remove black marks from your boat with Blackbat 2 in 1

With Blackbat 2 in 1, it is quick and simple to keep your boat clean and looking at its best

Blackbat 2 in 1 black mark removerIt seems we devote so much time and hard work into keeping boats clean, however by using the right products you can significantly reduce the time and effort needed, so you can enjoy your boat in a pristine condition. Blackbat 2 in 1 (Previously known as Owablack) is an excellent product that can quickly and efficiently remove those unsightly black marks. Grimy black marks caused by exhaust fumes, rubbing or tread marks can be eradicated in just minutes by using the innovative and effective product from Owatrol.

In this how-to guide, we’ll explain how simple the process is to keep your boat in pristine condition and how to remove black marks from your boat. Blackbat 2 in 1 black mark, stain remover and cleaner works on gelcoat, aluminium and paint, making it ideal for the hull and the deck. It is extraordinarily effective and will not damage or affect the cleaned surface afterwards.

If you want to remove unsightly black marks, watch our video and follow our quick and easy guide to get your boat looking good.

Five Steps To Removing Black Marks From Your Boat

  1. Patch Test

Firstly, find a small inconspicuous area to test Blackbat 2 in 1. Gently brush a small amount on the area and wait to see the result. We are confident that it is safe for use on aluminium, gelcoat or paint, but it’s always a good idea to check the results first.

Owablack - Before

  1. Brush or spray Blackbat 2 in 1

Using a large brush or spray tool, coat the affected area with Blackbat 2 in 1. This product does not need diluting and can be used straight from the container.  Coat all of the black marks liberally and wait for five minutes for the solution to do the hard work for you.

  1. Rub the marks away

After five minutes, rub the affected surface using a clean cloth or soft scrubbing brush with a circular motion. Once a section is completed, rinse away the residue with fresh, clean water. Do not use a wire brush as this can cause damage to your boat.

  1. If required, repeat the buffing process

If marks aren’t instantly removed, repeat the rubbing process again. For surfaces that require extra attention, try soaking your cloth into the Owablack solution and buffing away the marks. Keep the boat damp and cool by rinsing with fresh, clean water.

  1. Enjoy your beautifully clean boat

With over 40 years of expertise in the marine industry developing our marine range, we have developed a quality product to remove stubborn black marks from boats, we have even enriched Blackbat 2 in 1 with pine oil, to ensure optimal performance on oil residue. Once used, enjoy your handiwork and marvel at your superbly clean boat.

Owablack - After

Top tips To remember

  • Blackbat 2 in 1 works best in cool conditions. Do not apply to surfaces that are in direct sunlight or during the hottest parts of the day. If your boat is hot, cool it with water before applying Blackbat 2 in 1 for the best results.
  • Cover and protect surfaces you do not want to treat and make sure to wear appropriate protective clothing.
  • Once you have treated your boat with the stain remover, clean all of the tools and equipment with water. If disposing used cloths and sponges, lay them out to dry before disposing in your normal household waste.

Try It Today

To keep your boat beautifully clean and easy to maintain, choose Blackbat 2 in 1 to rid your boat of grime and stains in minutes. For further help, don’t forget to watch our video:

We hope you found this post on how to remove black marks from your boat helpful! If you have any other advice or top tips, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. We love hearing from you!

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