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Keep your boat trailer looking like new with Owatrol GLV

Boat owners usually remember make time to maintain their boats in top condition but sometimes forget about their boat trailers. Boat trailers are required to get a boat into the water and are a key part of life as a boat owner.

As boat trailers are used in the marine environment, they are exposed to salt water on a regular basis. The salt from the seawater often dries onto the metal and begins to eat away at it.  A process known as corrosion. If the corrosion gets serious, the trailer may not be fit for purpose any longer. It could potentially become a safety risk.

It’s always better to protect against a potential hazard than it is to repair it later down the line. Thankfully, there are products readily available to help stave off the effects of the elements.

Owatrol GLV

Owatrol GLV is a coating that can assist in offering your boat trailer significant resistance from the marine environment. It does this by providing a tough anti-corrosive layer. It also provides an attractive aluminium finish making your trailer great to look at too.

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How To Use Owatrol GLV

To use Owatrol GLV, it is important that the surfaces are prepared first. They must all be free from debris and be clean. If there is rust and old paint, it should be removed as best as possible. The trailer will often be exposed to the elements and chemicals may have caused effects such as salt deposits. These chemical residues should be cleaned away using water thoroughly or through a good steam cleaning. Contamination that is tough to remove may require a solvent to ease the removal process.

How to apply Owatrol GLV

Applying the product will mostly depend on how rusted the surface is and how aggressive the conditions will be. A couple of coats will help protect against the more harsh conditions. However, one coat may be enough to suffice in normal circumstances.

Owatrol GLV can also assist on already rusted surfaces. Applying one layer and then leaving it to dry before applying another, will provide protection against further damage. Therefore, extending the life of the trailer and improving it aesthetically.

The level of deterioration of the trailer surface will ultimately depend on where it is used, where it is stored and how it is maintained. If for example, the trailer is in locations where there are high salt contents mixed with high humidity levels, it will deteriorate at a much quicker rate. That means it will need better protection from the elements and more diligent maintenance.

Owatrol GLV rust inhibiting aluminium finish will add that tough resistant layer due to its abrasion-resistant qualities. It withstands chemicals and aggressive conditions in the process. It can withstand temperatures of up to 175°C, reflecting light and heat away.

If the surface is new, it will give long lasting protection against corrosion that the trailer will undoubtedly encounter through usage. Even if there is already damage, all is not lost. Owatrol GLV can still be applied to give it that long-lasting protection.

Check out our video below for more information and to see Owatrol GLV in action.

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