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Luxury charter boat restored with help from Owatrol

We recently spoke with a lovely customer Jordan, that used Owatrol Deks Olje D1 on their luxury charter boat, Poppy.

Poppy was formerly a Dunlin sea fishing boat (registered on March 25th 1974) and we think you will all agree, that she is looking as good now as she likely did when new – if not, even better!

We decided to ask Jordan a few questions about his experience with Deks Olje D1 on his boat restoration and see what’s next for him and Poppy.

Why did you choose to use Deks Olje D1 over other products on the market?

I chose Deks Olje D1 because after doing some research, I couldn’t find the authentic and natural finish I was looking for from other brands who offer varnishes and lower quality products.

What did you use D1 for on Poppy?

For now, I have saturated and treated the solid Sapele wood decking and benches, as well as the Utile wood transom and gunnels.

How much D1 did you use?

I used approximately 2 litres of the 2.5L tin. I made sure there was extra if other wood pieces are added.

Did you prefer using D1 instead of varnish?

It was 1,000,000x easier to use than varnish. Easier to clean and apply to the wood. I will never use varnish again! The results were amazing.

Would you recommend D1 to others?

Yes I would. I already have recommended it to several friends of mine. I have been talking with people who varnish a lot. They really like the way it changes the colour of the wood so will try D1 before their varnish process to see how it turns out.

What’s next for you and Poppy?

Next for me and Poppy, building a steering console from some more beautiful wood, I think I would like to build the steering wheel with a wood lathe too. I want to also fit bronze Port and Starboard lights, as well as, interior lighting. I think some sort of retractable cover would be great too (for when it rains).

Where can people find you?

You can find us on our website: and if you like you can follow us on Instagram page @MoatsBoatHenley



We hope you found this post on using Deks Olje D1 on a boat restoration interesting! Special thank you to Jordan of @MoatsBoatHenley over on Instagram for using Owatrol and letting us showcase the beautiful Poppy!

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If you have any other advice or top tips, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. We love hearing from you!

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Luxury charter boat restored with help from Owatrol - Pinterest

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