Iron bench after restoration by Philip Senior

Restoration of an iron bench

We were recently sent in some pictures from a customer that used Dilunett paint remover and Owatrol Deco in the restoration of an iron bench.

It was purchased in a pretty sorry state and sadly the wooden seating area was beyond repair. The wooden sections were replaced with new ones and then the metal parts could be tackled.

Iron bench before restoration by Philip Senior

Philip first started by removing as much of the original white paintwork as possible using Dilunett paint remover. Once clean and dry, he then applied two coats of Owatrol Deco in White.

As you can see, it now looks as good as new!

Iron bench after restoration by Philip Senior

What is Dilunett & Owatrol Deco?

Dilunett 1L packagingDilunett is a solvent and paraffin free paint stripper that removes any oil or alkyd based paint, varnish or wood stain. Its powerful formula makes it possible to strip up to 8 coats of finish in just one application. It can be used on a wide variety of surfaces such as wood, metal and plastic and has a gel-like consistency, so will not run. This makes it ideal for use on vertical surfaces or intricate designs that need to be stripped.

Deco 2.5L packagingOwatrol Deco is an oil-based multi-surface paint suitable for use on all surfaces. It uses Owatrol Oil technology to provide exceptional corrosion protection and excellent resistance to the damaging effects of weathering and pollution. Owatrol Deco can also be applied directly to rusted surfaces without the need to prime or undercoat. This is because Deco saturates deep down to the sound metal to provide long-lasting protection. It is available in 10 RAL colours.

So there you have it, the restoration of an iron bench!

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Restoration process of an iron bench - Pinterest

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