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NEW: Owatrol Oil rust inhibiting oil now in a spray can

We’re excited to announce that you can now purchase a 300ml spray can of Owatrol Oil for even easier application in those difficult to reach areas.

What is Owatrol Oil?

Owatrol Oil is our groundbreaking colourless penetrating and isolating rust inhibiting oil. It provides an extremely tough but flexible finish which penetrates through rusted metal to the sound surface below; isolating it and protecting it from further damage.

Owatrol Oil drives out excess moisture and air – stopping rust dead! It can be used directly on rusted surfaces so there is no need for lengthy preparation before use.

The Owatrol Oil spray can is perfect for difficult to reach areas such as engine or machinery parts which can not easily be taken apart.

It’s also great for small applications as there’s no mess and no brushes or other equipment to clean afterwards.

It’s quick and easy to use! Definitely worth having a can in the shed or in the back of the van if you’re a professional; so it’s always handy when you need it.

Owatrol Oil can also be used for several other purposes. When used on porous wood surfaces it will saturate the wood and protect it from damage caused by moisture.

It will also protect any metal parts such as hinges and latches from rusting.

It can also be added to oil-based pints as a paint conditioner. This will provide increased wet edge time as well as improved flow and reduced brush marks. It does this all without affecting the inherent qualities of the paint.

Owatrol Oil can also be used to aid adhesion, when applied to any surface it leaves a bonding film which maintains the natural look of the surface.

This makes it perfect as a base for primers and finishes on surfaces with troublesome adhesion.

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    1. Hi Liam,

      Yes, Owatrol Oil is safe to use under your car and should have no adverse effects of the rubber bushes.
      I hope this was helpful.

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