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We are pleased to announce that both Southgate Timber and Brewers Decorating Centres have joined our Owatrol Authorised Partners Scheme. In case this has passed you by, our Authorised Partner Scheme is a great new way of ensuring the best quality service for our customers.

What are the benefits of buying from an Authorised Partner?

Here at Owatrol UK Ltd. we are passionate about excellent customer service and we always want our customers to receive the absolute very best. If you purchase either direct from us or from one of our Authorised Partners you will benefit from:

  • Technical knowledge support for all Owatrol solutions including how and when to apply them correctly
  • On-site inspections for product complaints by Owatrol Employees within the UK (this excludes Northern Ireland)

Products purchased from sources other than these will not be covered by the same support and after-care systems. If you would like to find out more about our Authorised Partner Scheme then please get in touch.

What if I want to become an Authorised Partner?

We expect any company that decides to become an Authorised Partner to have undertaken full training on all Owatrol solutions and to be a stock holder of the products. Authorised Partners receive the following benefits:

  • Minimal stock holding by the partner
  • Guaranteed supply from Owatrol UK directly to the partner.  No third party supply.
  • Specification support for larger projects
  • Authorised Partner authentication for your website to reassure customers

These and any additional services provided by Owatrol UK Ltd. are not available for non-authorised partners.

If you think your company would be interested in becoming one of our Authorised Partners or you would like to receive more information about the Authorised Partner Scheme, then please get in touch via our Contact Form or call us direct on 01582 592707.

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