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Owatrol International partners with the International ThermoWood Association

We are excited to announce that Owatrol International are now partners with the International ThermoWood Association!

ThermoWood® is a registered trademark owned by International ThermoWood Association. The ThermoWood® trademark is a sign that wood products have been manufactured via a specific process developed in Finland.

What does this mean for Owatrol?

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Being partnered with Thermowood means that whenever timber is imported it can now already be finished with Aquadecks, Tropitech or Textrol HES. This is great news as it alleviates this step from the final installation process, meaning the project can be completed quicker and easier.

Combining the unique properties of Thermo wood (high biological resistance, low equilibrium moisture content etc) with Aquadecks allows the wood to reach both the highest durability and resistance to rot.

Thermowood have been testing finishes for years and have selected Aquadecks to be their preferred choice of finish.

Why does the International ThermoWood Association prefer to use Aquadecks?

Aquadecks water-based wood finish

Thermowood has a low absorption due to its unique composition. However, Aquadecks powerful formula is able to penetrate deep into the wood, protecting it from the inside out.

The unique Owatrol wet-on-wet system makes application quick and easy. First, you apply one coat which you then let saturate into the wood. After around 15-20 mins the wood should have absorbed all the oil and you can then apply the next coat. This system means that you will save time as you do not need to wait several hours between coats to dry.

As Aquadecks penetrates deep into the wood, this means there is no film left on the surface. This means that there will be no peeling or cracking.

water-based finish Aquadecks on a wooden deck

About The International Thermowood Association

International ThemoWood association logo

The International ThermoWood Association was founded in 2000 and today, there are now sixteen company members from eight countries. The International ThermoWood Association logo is an official quality control stamp of their association.

They are a company that is committed to the technical and ecological quality of products sold under the trademark of ThermoWood®.

This is accomplished via multiple sectors;

  • Patented thermal modification process – This process was developed and patented by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.
  • Registered trademark – The ThermoWood® trademark is owned by the International ThermoWood Association. The trademark is now registered in EU, Switzerland, Canada, USA, Russia, Japan, China and Iran.
  • Audited quality control system – Quality control of ThermoWood® production was developed with research laboratories, member companies and Finotrol Oy.
  • Life cycle assessment (LCA) – Life cycle assessment of ThermoWood® is now finished. The LCA was carried out by the Imperial College London.
  • Certified raw material – The FFCS (Finnish Forest Certification System) was developed for Finnish circumstances and it demonstrates reliably how the Finnish certified forests are managed and used.
  • Standardisation – ThermoWood® product classification was completed in 2003. Two standard treatment classes were introduced – These classes are called Thermo-S and Thermo-D.
  • Continuous research and development activities – International ThermoWood Association annually allocates resources for topical R&D activities.

They are a company that really cares about quality – Not only to uphold their name but to ensure the best quality product is developed for consumers and trade.

Owatrol International shares this type of commitment to its products, so as you can imagine this partnership goes hand in hand.

We’re excited and very proud for their long and happy partnership ahead.

To learn more about the International Thermowood Association, please click here

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