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All About Linitop Acrylic Wood Paints

Most wood treatments are solvent-based wood stains, but Linitop also produces a range of water-based acrylic paints. Like solvent-based stains, these are suitable for treating both interior and exterior wood. There are several advantages to using acrylics over traditional wood stains, making them the better choice for many people.

Advantages of Acrylic Wood Paints

As acrylic wood treatments are water-based, they are faster-drying than traditional wood stains. This means that each coat dry and be ready for the application of the next coat more quickly – usually in around six hours. Acrylics also allow for easier cleanup; soapy water will be enough as long as you clean up reasonably promptly. Although water is the solvent for the wood treatment as applied, it becomes permanently water-resistant upon drying. Indeed, the finished coating is strong, flexible, and durable, offering excellent protection and preservation for interior and exterior wood in a wide range of structures and objects.

Linitop Acryl Prim

Linitop Acryl Prim PackagingOne of the key water-based acrylic products that Linitop offers is Linitop Acrylic Primer. This is a multi-purpose wood treatment, which you can use on its own or in conjunction with other Linitop products depending on what you need and want from your wood protection and colouring regimen.

Its main purpose is for use on its own as a three-coat, all-in-one product. This provides excellent protection and penetrates the wood for deeper, richer colouring. After all three coats have been applied, it offers superb, UV- and weather-resistant protection and an adaptive micro-porous finish. It is available in 14 colours, and it suitable for use on vertical surfaces.

Linitop Acrylic Prim is also suitable for use as an initial primer, for applying to wood before another product. This helps the other product form a stronger bond with the wood and, thanks to the penetrating properties of this product, will provide deeper colouration.

Linitop Classic Acryl

Linitop Classic Acryl PackagingLinitop Classic Acryl is an acrylic version of the popular Linitop Classic wood stain. It offers all the same benefits of its traditional, solvent-based counterpart. This includes an excellent, flexible protective finish, high levels of UV resistance, and non-drip properties. Linitop Classic Acryl’s durability means  minimal maintenance, only needing renewal every five years in most cases. It is available in six colours and gives a semi-transparent satin finish.

Linitop Classic Acryl retains all the properties that make the original Linitop Classic the wood stain of choice for so many people. Alongside those benefits, it comes with all the advantages of acrylic paints. This means that you get faster-drying coats and easier, soap and water clean up without compromising on the level of protection that your wood will receive.

You can use Linitop Classic Acryl on its own, or apply it over a coat of Linitop Acrylic Prim which will serve as a primer for better adhesion and colouring.

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