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Preparing your wood before treating

Have you wondered what you need to do to prepare your wood before treating it?


When you try to use emulsion paints on wood, you often face a massive inconvenience – their lack of adherence. With a low bonding power, these paints flake off rapidly which means a big waste of your time!

Our solution is Owatrol Emulsa Bond, an additive for paints and surface coatings. It is intended for emulsion paints and its purpose is to prepare and stabilise the wood to prevent flaking and to fix the natural wood pigments to prevent them showing through the coating.

Application of E-B

To apply, you mix equal parts E-B to the emulsion paint, or decorative wood paint, and put on an initial coat. Once this has dried, then paint a second coat, this time without adding any Emulsa Bond to the paint.


When wooden constructions present heads of nails or rusted assembling blots where the old paint is crumbling or where the wood is rotten due to humidity a bonding primer is needed before you can apply paint, surface coating or mono-component varnish. We would suggest Owatrol Oil to penetrate the wood and make it waterproof. It is a colourless anti-rust agent which seals the wood to prevent damage and creates an ideal bonding base before painting.

Application of Owatrol Oil

Either apply Owatrol Oil as is to dry and degreased surfaces for maximum penetration. When added to paint, surface coatings or varnishes, use a dilution of 25% during the first application and 5% during the final coat.

We hope you found this post on preparing your wood before treating interesting. If you have any other advice or top tips, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. We love hearing from you!

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4 thoughts on “Preparing your wood before treating

  1. Hi

    I’ve had some cedar cladding installed on a small garden wall/raised bed. The builders did not use stainless steel nails. I’ve had the money back for the cedar but trying to save needing to replace.
    The nails started to oxidise causing black stains. I’ve got those off using oxalic acid. But thinking of whether I can “seal” the nail heads with something to prevent further marks.

    Would your products do this job?

        1. Hi there Robert,

          VC175 can safely be used in external paint but it may not be as effective when used in an outdoor setting.

          Please feel free to give us a call on: 01582 592707 or send us an email to: sales@owatroluk.com should you wish to speak more and our technical team will be able to assist you.

          All the best,
          The Owatrol Team

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