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5 amazing decking restoration projects with Textrol

What better way to get a chance to see the value in a product than to see how others have used it.

We’ve put together 5 of our best decking restoration case studies using our faithful pair; Net-Trol wood cleaner and Textrol saturating wood oil.

We hope to show you some different applications in different styles and help inspire you for your decking project.

Textrol enhances the natural beauty of the wood whilst providing a mildew-resistant finish. It has exceptional and long-lasting protection from the effects of moisture, weathering and UV rays.

Garden decking protected with Textrol

Garden decking protected with TextrolThis yellow balau deck was weathered but had been left untreated. It was dirty and had greyed so first Net-Trol was used to clean it and restore its natural colour. Textrol was then applied wet-on-wet until the wood would accept no more oil, leaving it fully protected against moisture and UV rays and looking great.

Why it pays to buy good quality deck treatment

How-to-Get-Rid-of-Ronseal-Stain-and-Rejuvinate-your-Decking-1This customer was fed up as their deck, protected with a high street brand, was peeling and flaking – looking unsightly and offering no protection. Having decided that it was definitely worth spending a little more for high quality products, he stripped the previous coating with Prepdeck, cleaned and neutralised with Net-Trol and protected his deck with Textrol.

Strip, Clean and Protect with Owatrol

Deck after Prepdeck and Net-Trol have been usedMore stripping with Prepdeck, cleaning with Net-Trol and protecting with Textrol here. This case study includes some helpful tips if you’re planning on repeating the process with your own decking project. It also has great photographs of each stage of the process.

Deck with a view revived with Textrol

Accentuate the natural beauty of your deck with Owatrol's D1 ProThis deck is in a stunning location, but not without its challenges and exposed to some pretty harsh weather. With Owatrol solutions the customer can rest safe in the knowledge that the deck is going to look its best for years to come. Just look at that view!

Restoring and protecting an ageing deck

Interesting mixture of flooring types makes for a lovely effect.This raised decked seating area was untreated and had been neglected for some time. With Net-Trol to clean the wood and restore its natural colour and Textrol to saturate it with protective oil and keep it safe from damage caused by UV rays and weather, this deck is now looking good for the long haul. With minimal maintenance required it’s going to be a big asset to the garden.

We hope you found this post on decking restoration interesting. If you have any other advice or top tips, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. We love hearing from you!

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6 thoughts on “5 amazing decking restoration projects with Textrol

  1. Hi this is a request rather than a comment.
    Can you give me details of coverage please? I need enough decking paint to cover 20 sq metres.
    I was thinking of full replacement but the fitter I asked said the wood was in really good condition so a clean and re paint might be a less expensive option as I love the current relief.

    1. Hi there Adele,

      You can use our coverage calculators (found on each product page) to work out the quantity you need. If your deck has been previously coated you’ll need to use Aquanett or Prepdeck (depending on what if was coated with) to remove it. Then clean with Net-Trol and allow to dry before applying your chosen finish. The quantity you’ll need will depend on the product you’re planning to use to finish the wood.

      Many thanks,
      The Owatrol Team

  2. My cricket club built a new pavilion 2 years ago. The decking has not been treated during this time, equally the softwood posts and railing on the boundary of the decking also needs some protection. My question is for the horizontal rails, what do you recommend and will it dry so that spectators can rest against it without their clothing getting marked?

    1. Hi Steve,

      We would recommend initially cleaning the decking and surrounding posts and railings with Net-Trol as they will have built up dirt and grime which will prevent a finish from penetrating. We would then recommend either Textrol for a natural wood finish, Aquadecks for a semi-transparent finish or Decking Paint for a solid coloured finish. All three are appropriate for use and will all dry so that clothing will not be marked. It just depends on the finish you’re looking for.

      If you need any further help please let us know,
      The Owatrol Team

    1. Hi Olugbemiga,

      Thank you for your query.

      Both Deks Olje D1 and Textrol would be perfectly suitable for weathered ipe.
      Textrol has been developed especially for weathered wood, however, Deks Olje D1 is also a perfect alternative.
      It really depends more on the type of finish you would like to achieve;
      If you are after a particular tint to the wood, or even simply a clear one, Textrol may be more suitable for your needs as it comes in 7 various colours.
      Deks Olje D1 is a very thin oil with an amber finish.
      Both are applied “wet-on-wet” and both leave a matt finish.

      Please see the following links with more technical information about these finishes;

      Deks Olje D1:

      I hope this helps assist you in your decision.

      All the best,
      The Owatrol Team

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