Deck with flaking Ronseal stain

It pays to buy good quality deck treatment

We were recently signposted to this case study by Promain, a long time partner of ours and seller of Owatrol products.

The customer was exasperated after using a well-known high street product on their decking every year only to find it always cracking and peeling after the winter.
It clearly wasn’t doing what it said on the tin!

You can see the extent of the problem in these photographs;

After some extensive research, the customer came to the conclusion that although more expensive, it was going to be considerably more cost effective to buy Owatrol’s Textrol to protect his deck.

He calculated that with the high street product, he had already spent over £300 and was continuing to spend £50 each year to replace the stain. This didn’t include carrying out countless hours of sanding and cleaning.

He calculated that by using Textrol, his ongoing costs would only be £18 per year. Even better, he’d avoid the hours of backbreaking and labourious work to remove the flaked and peeled stain.

It clearly pays to get the best products from the beginning, even if they are more expensive.

Application of Textrol

Before using Textrol to treat the deck, the customer needed to use Prepdeck to strip the previous finish. This is because Textrol is a penetrating finish and so needs to be able to get deep into the surface of the wood and not sit on top of it.

Prepdeck is a professional quality deck stripper and cleaner which is applied using a brush and then rinsed off with a hose or pressure washer.

He then needed to use Net-Trol to clean the deck and neutralise the wood. Net-Trol restores the natural colour of the wood leaving it ready to be finished.

Deck after Prepdeck and Net-Trol application

The customer then applied 2 coats of Textrol oil to finish and said:

The result was a gorgeous golden brown with all the wood knots showing.

Textrol is a penetrating wood oil rather than a water-based stain. This means that it soaks into the wood to protect from within rather than forming a film on the surface. This is because it can peel or flake off.

It protects the wood against moisture and UV damage and is quick and easy to apply. Unlike the well-known brand this customer was dissatisfied with, Textrol is easy to maintain without stripping or sanding.

Simply apply one maintenance coat every 2 years for horizontal surfaces – even less for vertical surfaces. This video shows Owatrol Textrol in action:

Deck after Textrol application

Here you can see the finished product with Owatrol Textrol enhancing the natural beauty of the wood:

The customer offered these words of advice to others in his situation:

Spend money now to avoid costly maintenance in the future, and ugly looking decking forever. Use the best stripper, cleaner and oil you can get!

We’re glad to see another happy Owatrol customer!

We hope you found this post on why it pays to buy good quality deck treatment interesting. If you have any other advice or top tips, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. We love hearing from you!

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3 thoughts on “It pays to buy good quality deck treatment

  1. I have just laid a redwood deck that has had pressurised preservative applied (Tanalised),
    what Owatrol product do you recommend if i want to keep the same colour?



    1. Hi Jack, I’ve passed your question onto our technical team and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
      The Owatrol Team

    2. Hi Jack,

      For your redwood deck, we would recommend applying a single coat of Seasonite, our new wood protection to prevent warping and splitting during the first winter. Do be aware that the surface of the deck will go grey over the winter, but this is just the surface and the Seasonite will protect the wood from within. We’ve actually writing a post about protecting wood over winter which details how and why to use Seasonite.

      Once spring arrives and the new wood has weathered, it will be ready to take a saturating wood protection. You should first use Net-trol to clean the wood and restore the pre-winter colour. We would then recommend treating your deck with Textrol oil, which comes in a range of colours including clear (to enhance the natural colour).

      If you have any other questions then please let us know.

      Thanks for your interest.
      The Owatrol Team

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