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Don’t forget to protect your new wood over Winter with Seasonite

Unfortunately, the summer is now coming to an end and we are looking towards the colder and wetter months of autumn and winter.

All too often, the garden gets neglected over this time as we’re not particularly inspired to be getting out there!

This year, don’t let your summer of hard work go to waste and ensure that any new wood projects in the garden are suitably protected from damage.

If you’ve had projects completed using brand new wood, you may be aware that the mill glaze present can prevent protective finishes from fully saturating.

You have probably been advised to leave your new wood to weather until next summer. This is a great plan BUT your wood does still need a little help to control the sudden changes in moisture and to prevent it from warping and splitting.

For this we recommend Owatrol’s new wood protection, Seasonite. You really can’t afford not to use it on your new pride and joy!

What is Seasonite?

Seasonite packagingSeasonite keeps your new wood wrapped up safe over its first winter. It does this by controlling the transfer of moisture and preventing splitting and warping it can be prone to if left unprotected. It’s really easy to apply with just a single coat and is colourless so won’t spoil the lovely new-wood finish!

Then, when the summer comes around again, you can use your choice of finish, safe in the knowledge that there’s now no mill glaze. And best of all that your wood has not been damaged!

For more information about the benefits of using Seasonite, check out our previous post; How to protect your new wood over winter.

We hope you found this post on how to protect your new wood over winter helpful. If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below. We love hearing from you!

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9 thoughts on “Don’t forget to protect your new wood over Winter with Seasonite

  1. Good morning,

    We have had decking built over a 8 month period and are now ready to protect the wood, what would you recommend applying to the wood which varies in age from 4 weeks old to 8 months old?
    Do we apply some cleaner and then use your Textrol colour or should we apply the winter protector and then oil?

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi David,

      Our recommendations depend really on the finished look you want (natural but coloured look which shows the grain through, opaque colour, clear oil) and whether your decking is softwood or hardwood. Could you give us a little more information about the project so we can advise you correctly?

      The Owatrol Team

  2. Good morning team,

    Soft wood. Would like to have the protection with a light colour that still shows the grain.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi David,

      You have several options in the first instance for getting the wood ready for applying a finish which we’ve highlighted below:

      1. Apply Seasonite and leave the wood for 6-12 months before applying a finish. If you choose this option we would recommend cleaning the wood first with Net-Trol because some of it has been exposed for some time so will have built up dirt.
      2. Use Prepdeck to remove any mill glaze present on the new wood (see our guide to removing mill glaze for help with this), then neutralise the wood with Net-Trol before applying a finish once dry.

      Once the wood is ready for a finish, the method you’ve used above does not alter the finished you can use, you have several options to achieve your desired effect of a light colour with the grain showing through:

      1. Use Textrol, applied ‘wet-on-wet’ until the wood is saturated and will not take any more. This will initially have a rich matt colour which will gradually lighten to the finished look.
      2. Use Textrol HES for a similar finish to Textrol but applied in a single coat.
      3. Use Aquadecks in 2 ‘wet-on-wet’ coats for a water-based matt finish which shows the wood grain.

      Hope this helps, if you need any more help then just let us know.

      The Owatrol Team

    1. Hi Anne,

      You can see the colours for Decking Paint on the product page when you select each colour. In addition, you can download the Decking Paint Brochure which contains a swatch for each colour. Alternatively, if you need a hard copy to be sent out then please call 01582 592707.

      Many thanks,
      The Owatrol Team

  3. Thank you so much. Phoned and one in the post as we speak. Young gentleman very polite and helpful. Customer awareness top priority and I love that. Look forward to using the Seasonite this season and then colour next season. Appreciate all help and advise given.

  4. Hi. We have cedar wood fence that is 18 months old and had seasonite applied to it. it is slightly greying in colour now. If we want it to be restored to its original colour, but not stained in any way do we use nettrol and textrol?

    But if we want to keep the grey do we need to use anything?

    1. Hi there Elaine,

      If you would like to have the wood return back to it’s original colour we recommend you use Net-Trol: to clean and restore the wood, and then Textrol: in ‘Clear’ to protect it. Alternatively, you could use Textrol in ‘Weathered Grey’ to keep the grey colour. We sell samples of Textrol for £6 with free delivery should you wish to try them out and see which you prefer.

      I hope this was helpful.

      All the best,
      The Owatrol Team

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