Oiled Gate using D1 Pro

Iroko Gates look stunning with a lasting finish using D1 Pro

High quality wooden gates can make a real statement at the entrance to your home, that is as long as they are protected with a high quality finish and looking great! These Iroko gates are making the right kind of statement with some top quality TLC and a beautiful finish provided by D1 Pro and Owatrol Deco.

This case study has been provided by R & A Pressure Washing Services, one of our preferred decking restoration companies. For more information about them see their bio and link to their website at the end of the post.

Preparing your wooden gates for a new finish


The Iroko gates in this case study had previously been coated with Danish Oil. It was now not making the right kind of statement and definitely needed to be stripped before a new finish could be applied. Roger at R & A Pressure Washing Services Ltd. set to work stripping the gates using Prepdeck.

If your gates are remaining in-situ throughout the project then you’ll need to use Aquanett (for wood oils) or Dilunett (for paints and other finishes) as they are gel formulations which won’t run. In this case, the gates were removed so they could be laid flat for the application of Prepdeck.

To use Prepdeck simply apply it to the surface with a brush and leave it to work for an appropriate length of time. When the coatings are lifting scrub the surface and rinse with water to remove the residue. You should then immediately neutralise the surface of the wood with Net-Trol. Roger then left it to dry and then lightly sanded the surface with a 60 grit orbital sander for a super smooth finish – this step is not essential though.


Using D1 Pro to protect Iroko Gates

When Roger had completed the preparation of the gates it was time to apply the D1 Pro. D1 Pro’s place is inside the wood, where it saturates it, feeding the wood with oil to replace those lost. It drives out moisture and air, filling the woods pores with oil, and enriches and stabilises it to provide long lasting protection with high UV resistance. D1 Pro enhances the natural beauty of the wood whilst being easy to maintain, requiring no sanding or stripping.

D1 Pro is applied ‘wet-on’wet’ which means that you apply coats one after the other without allowing the oil to dry in between and continue until the wood is saturated and will take no more oil. To apply D1 Pro you start by applying a first generous coat. Work in areas that can be coated in 15 minutes. Allow time for it to be absorbed into the surface (15-30 minutes). Apply a second application as soon as the first has been absorbed. Allow to dry.


Continue in this way until the wood will not accept any more oil, i.e. it is saturated. Then wipe off any excess to avoid shiny spots, you should be left with a rich matt finish. Work like this in sections to prevent the surface from becoming touch dry in between coats. Roger needed 3 coats of D1 Pro for his iroko gates.

Using Owatrol Deco to protect metal work on wooden gates

Roger then used Owatrol Deco, our rust-inhibiting multi-surface primer and finish. This enabled him to have a high gloss black finish which would also provide long-term protection against corrosion and the effects of the weather. The Owatrol Deco is applied in 2 coats, allowing the first coat 24 hours to dry before applying the second.


We think you’ll agree, it’s a pretty big transformation and these gates are now making the right kind of statement!

We hope you found this post on iroko gates being finished with D1 Pro interesting. If you have any other advice or top tips, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. We love hearing from you!

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