garden offices we'd love to work from

Three garden offices we’d love to work from

More and more people are setting up their own businesses, and often this will mean doing your work from home. Not everyone has a spare room to turn into a home office, and a popular solution is a garden office. There are some fantastic garden offices out there, so we thought we would show you a few of our favourites.

A Milk House Conversion

This is the office that belonged to former blogger Vintagefrenchhen. Sadly her blog is no more, but her office attracted enough attention that it can still be seen in a few places around the internet. She moved to a former dairy farm in California, and quickly developed grand visions for the old milk house. A coat of paint inside and out and some very fine choices of furniture gave this building a new life. Although she found room for a fair amount of gorgeous furniture, light colours and plenty of natural sunlight maintain a spacious, airy feel.

You can see the Milk House featured in this fab rundown of enviable home offices [it’s number 3].

A London Shed

Space in London is at a premium and offices command lofty prices compared to just about anywhere else in the UK. One author solved this problem by giving over the bottom portion of their garden to an office. They later named this as “The Writer’s Shed.” Calling this custom-designed studio cabin a shed sells it short! It was created to look like something from a children’s storybook, and boasts a façade of quality cedar and a large glass sliding door. The interior has traditional-yet-contemporary décor, a wood burning stove, and an impressive library.

You can see some wonderful photographs of this project here. We think it would be a great place to work – a safe haven away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

A Refurbished Trailer

Most garden offices are either purpose-built, or adapted from a summer house or shed. One Belgian architect, however, has converted an old trailer from a construction site into a beautiful timber-lined office building. After buying it from the local council for £12 and enlisting the help of a local farmer to deposit the trailer, the family completely stripped out the interior and refitted it into a masterpiece. It has so little furniture it looks almost empty. However, one clever multi-purpose fitting can be adapted into a desk, extra seating, or a day bed as required.

This is a great project and all the work was carried out by the family – check out the pictures here.

Creating Your Own Garden Office

Have this sheds got you excited to create your own garden office? Well, there are a few things you might want to consider before starting. Wooden buildings usually give the best balance of price, quality, and comfort. If you are thinking of adapting a standard summer house or shed, you might want to think about adding insulation and a source of heat. This will keep it usable in the winter.

If you want your garden office to stay in good condition, you should think about using a protective wood treatment. You can also take this as a chance to get creative with colours and styles. For example, Shed and Fence Paint will give you an opaque finish in a wide range of colours, while Textrol or D1 Pro will give a more natural, oiled look in a choice of different shades and being penetrative products they will protect the wood from within.

Image credit to Karel Verstraeten

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