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Stripping Paint From Wood

Owatrol Wood Stripping Guide – Meet the Strippers

This is the first part of our wood stripping guide which will talk you through the Owatrol stripping range and which one to use depending on your stripping job.

Stripping wood surfaces can seem incredibly difficult and there are such a wide variety of different strippers available. Confusion and worry about stripping is often the primary reason for people not attempting their projects. However, with a little guidance it needn’t be complicated.

Let’s meet the Owatrol Strippers!

The Owatrol stripping range consist of 4 products. Each have their own skills and between them there’s no wood stripping job that can’t be done! Let’s have a brief introduction to each one – their 60 second pitches perhaps?

Prepdeck – the all-rounder

prepdeck-packaging-2016Prepdeck is a good all-rounder, capable of stripping oils, stains, grade stamps and paints as well as removing mill glaze on new wood. It’s easy to use and gives great results. However, it’s a liquid so you can only use it on horizontal surfaces. Prepdeck needs to be neutralised with Net-Trol after use.

Dilunett – the vertical pro

dilunett-packagingDilunett is a stripper with a gel formulation meaning it won’t drip or run – perfect for vertical surfaces. It serves largely the same purpose as Prepdeck in that it will remove oils, stains and paints but it’s more effective at stripping paint than Prepdeck is. It can remove up to 8 coats in a single application and can be left on for up to 24 hours. This is great for particularly stubborn coatings. Dilunett needs to be neutralised with Net-Trol after use.

Aquanett – the oils guy

aquanett-packagingAquanett is a wood oil remover, it performs particularly well in stripping wood oils and performs better on Teak nd Linseed Oil than Prepdeck does. If you’ve got these sorts of wood oils to remove then Aquanett should be your first port of call. You can also use it to remove mill glaze from new wood. Aquanett needs to be neutralised with Net-Trol after use.

DSP 800 – the swiss army knife

dsp800-packagingDSP 800 is the king of all strippers, you can use it to strip ANY type of coating – even 2-pack paints and powder coatings. What’s more, it leaves a clean and coating-free finish which does not need to be neutralised. It can also be re-coated in just 6 hours. It’s a gel formula so it’s good for horizontal and vertical surfaces. Whats better is it’s fast acting – in as little as 5 minutes! If you don’t know what your coating is then DSP 800 is definitely the tool for the job.

When deciding to strip your wood surfaces, the deciding factors for which stripper to use are the surface that you’re stripping and the coating or coatings to be removed. In the next part of our wood stripping guide we’ll be starting to look at different use cases and demonstrating which stripper is best for each job.

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    1. Hi there Ian,
      We have 2 different solutions you could use for your project. You could use Owatrol Deco, our multi-surface paint. You can paint it directly onto your uPVC and it is primer and finish in one. It’s available in a range of colours so might be an option for you if one of the colours suits your taste. If not you could use Easy Surface Prep (ESP) which is a wipe-on wipe-off products which provides a surface for paint to adhere to on shiny surfaces. You apply it, leave it for 2 hours and then wipe off any excess. You can then paint over it with the paint of your choice and the paint will be able to adhere firmly.
      Please let us know if you need any further assistance,
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