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New Marine Care Range!

We are very excited to announce that we have a range of new products added to our Marine Care range and other additional finishes on a previous finishing product!

Whatever your marine care need, we are sure we will have a product for you. Whether you want to enhance what you already have, or if your boat needs a little TLC, we have products to help revive your boat back to its former glory.

Take a look at these fantastic new products

PID 60 Marine - anti-rust primer PID 60 Marine

PID 60 Marine is an anti-rust primer made from alkyd resins and anti-corrosive pigments, for the priming and protection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, gelcoat, galvanised, old painted surfaces and more.

It’s a single pack, anti-rust primer and bonding coat, that keeps surfaces rust free before handling and/or shipping.


Owagrip - non-slip finish  Owagrip

Owagrip is a single-pack polyurethane, non-slip finish for decks and other horizontal surfaces. It contains a tough polyurethane resin which allows it to protect against every day use.

It has a satin finish and is available in 3 colours; White, Champagne and Light Grey to compliment your boat.


Owasail - fabric cleaner Owasail

Owasail is a cleaner for removing rust, mould and algae staining from sails and fabrics.

It also removes limescale and cleans mould and algae staining from gelcoats.

It removes stains that have formed due to rusting, mould and algae from a variety of surfaces.


Owanett - engine degreaser  Owanett

Owanett is an engine and bilge degreaser that cleans and unclogs and leaves no greasy deposit after rinsing. It’s a concentrated formula which dissolves and removes grease, mineral oils and fats from dirt encrusted motors.

It’s perfect for removal of accidental oil spills and hydrocarbons that cannot otherwise be collected.


Owataud - cleaner & degreaser  Owataud

Fast acting and easy to use, Owataud cleans and degreases furnishings without damaging or altering them. It removes dirt, grease, marks and stains caused by pollution, exhaust fumes and more.

Owataud can be used on sails, awnings, fabric covers, biminis and seating with artificial leather and vinyl.


Oxid Vernis - clear metal varnish Oxid Vernis

Oxid Vernis is a single pack clear varnish, enriched with polyurethane-modified alkyd resins for use on new or oxidised metals that have been treated with Owatrol Oil and where the surface is to be maintained.

It’s long lasting, has high UV resistance and is now available in 3 finishes; gloss, matt and satin.

Haven’t found the right product for you?

If none of these products are right for your next project, then why not head on over to our Marine Care section and see whowaat else we can offer you.

Want some ideas on which product is right for your boat? Take a look at a couple of our previous blog posts about using Owatrol Marine Care products, complete with demonstration videos that show case before and after the application.

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