Renovation of a 1930's Dutch Motordekschuit Barge by Sarah J Petchell

Renovation of a 1930’s Dutch Motordekschuit Barge

Take a look at this amazing renovation of a 1930’s Dutch Motordekschuit Barge where a customer used Marine CIP and Owatrol Oil in the project.

At 15m x 4m, it’s a large project which is being tackled in smaller sections. The work began on the starboard deck using a mix of Owatrol CIP to protect against rust and Owatrol Oil as a primer and top coat additive.

Here’s what she had to say about it so far:

There’s still plenty of work left to do. However, what has been achieved so far with Owatrol products has produced excellent results.

What is Marine CIP & Owatrol Oil?

Marine CIP

Marine CIP Rust Inhibiting PrimerMarine CIP (Corrosive Inhibiting Primer) is a rust inhibiting primer which is suitable for finishing with both single and 2-pack paints and finishes. It contains Owatrol Oil technology which enables it to stabilise the surface by saturating deep into the substrate, driving out excess moisture and air to form a solid stable layer.

It’s easy to use, doesn’t require sand or shot blasting first and can be used on both new as well as rusted surfaces. Marine CIP will not dissolve or break down, even after having high solvent paints and finishes (such as urethane, epoxy, chlorinated rubber, synthetic, etc.) applied to it and the pigmentation provides enhanced protection.

Owatrol Oil

Owatrol Oil 1L With 300ml Spray CanOwatrol Oil is a versatile, highly penetrating air drying oil that can be used alone or added to paint. When used alone as a rust inhibitor, it provides a tough, flexible finish, driving out excess moisture and air. This displaces it from rusted metal and stops rust from continuing to form.

When added as a paint conditioner to any oil or alkyd based coatings, Owatrol Oil gives increased wet edge time, improved flow and greater adhesion. Unlike damaging thinners, it will maintain the inherent quality of the paint without affecting its appearance or drying times. This makes for a more professional looking finish.

We think the barge looks amazing! Best of luck on the rest of the renovations, Sarah. We hope it will remain in tip top condition for many years to come.

So there you have it, the renovation progress of a 1930’s Dutch Motordekschuit Barge!

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