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We’re excited to be launching something which we’ve been working on for months – our product finder! We get feedback from some customers saying that the product range can be a little confusing and that they find it difficult to figure out which product is right for them.

Taking this feedback on board we decided to build a product finder to help to identify the correct product (or range of products) for different uses. With an extensive range of products across a variety of applications this has been some undertaking but it’s now ready for you to use.

You can find the product finder on the homepage of the website, at the bottom of each news post (scroll down to see it!) and also on product category pages too  so wherever you’re browsing on the website it’s not far away to offer a helping hand. We’re going to take you through an example use of it here, just to explain if anyone’s having difficulties in using it. We’ve chosen a hardwood deck which needs a new finish, and has been coated previously with a high street wood oil and is to be finished with an Owatrol wood oil.

How to use the Owatrol Product Finder

First, select the type of project you are completing:

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We chose wood care but as you can see there are different options depending on what project you’re undertaking. Next choose whether your project is exterior or interior:

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As our project was decking we chose exterior of course! Next choose what type of wood care project you’re completing:

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We chose decking because it’s a deck we’re planning on working on. At this next stage be sure to look at your preparation first – depending on how your wood has been treated before you’ll have a different process:

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Working our how to prepare your surface

Generally within wood care you’ll have different preparation processes for new wood, untreated but weathered wood and previously treated wood. Selecting one of those options here will give you a group of products. Use the specifically written description and hints to help you to choose which is right for you.

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We can see that from the descriptions here for our deck which has been previously treated with wood oil we would need to use either Aquanett wood oil cleaner or Prepdeck, more of an all-rounder.

Choosing a finish

Now we’ve sorted the preparation for our surface we can move onto the finish:

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We know we want to use another wood oil so we can go straight to this section. If you’re not sure then you can click between the different finishes to see what sort of look you’d like. We can see our best option would be to use D1 Pro, a saturating wood oil specifically for hardwoods.

So there we have it! We’d love to get some feedback about how easy (or difficult!) you find using the product finder. Please let us know if there’s anything missing from it that you’d really like to see. So do leave a comment below if you’ve used it and liked it (or not liked it!).

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