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NEWSFLASH! Owatrol Deco now available in 12 colours

Our Owatrol Deco multi-surface paint is now available in 12 colours with an extra 7 added last week. This high-gloss multi-surface paint can be applied to any surface and acts as both a rust-inhibiting primer and a decorative finish in one.

It provides exceptional corrosion protection and excellent resistance to the effects of weathering and pollution.

It can even be applied directly to rusted surfaces as it penetrates down to the sound metal, providing long-lasting protection and extending the lifetime of the treated surface.

Owatrol Deco is now available in the following colours:

Reviving a rusted metal exterior with Owatrol Deco

We featured a customer case study on our blog – check out the before and after pictures and the impressive difference made by Owatrol Deco in restoring rusted garage doors & exterior metal.

Owatrol Deco before & after imagesWhat can I use Owatrol Deco on?

As Deco is a multi-surface paint is can be used on pretty much anything. A few ideas for inspiration include:

  • Reviving plastic guttering and drainpipes without having to replace them
  • Painting uPVC window and door frames
  • Re-painting radiators as it can withstand temperatures up to 175˚C
  • Protecting pipe work and machinery parts from corrosion
  • Agricultural or industrial buildings
  • Protecting and re-painting rusted gates and metal railings
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    1. Hi Mike,

      No you should not need to use a primer for this – but do make sure that you clean the surfaces thoroughly before applying as dirt and grease can prevent adhesion.

      Many thanks,
      The Owatrol Team

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