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Owatrol Spirit – New Range of Decorative Finishes!

We have recently launched a new range of decorative finishes! We are excited to share these products with you as they’re different from anything we’ve produced before and allow for some amazing effects and exciting projects.

The Owatrol Spirit range consists of 13 products that give you the ability to decorate any surface with a unique finish.

Choose from finishes such as an aged blue oxidised bronze effect, a verdigris copper effect, a beautiful rust effect and more!

Take a look and see what we have on offer;

Reactiv Leaf Bronze

Reactiv leaf bronze packaging

Reactiv Leaf Bronze is a reactive paint that gives a bronze appearance to any surface ready to be used in conjunction with Bronze Spirit.

When combined with the application of Bronze Spirit, it creates a natural blue oxide effect.

Reactiv leaf bronze being applied to a glass vase

Reactiv Leaf Copper

Reactiv leaf copper packaging

Reactiv Leaf Copper is a reactive paint that gives a copper appearance to any surface ready to be used in conjunction with Copper Spirit.

When combined with the application of Copper Spirit, it creates a natural grey/green (Verdigris) decorative effect.

Reactiv leaf copper being applied to an ornament

Reactiv Leaf Rust

Reactiv leaf rust packaging

Reactiv Leaf Rust is an anthracite coloured reactive paint.

When combined with Rust Spirit, it allows you to create a natural decorative rust effect on nonferrous metals and other surfaces. It does this by reacting with the metal particles in Reactiv Leaf Rust.

Antik Crackle

Antik Crackle packaging

Antik Crackle is a translucent coating for creating natural looking antique or old style irregular cracked effects.

It can be used on any interior surface and you can create varying degrees of ‘cracking’ by pouring very hot water on to the areas you wish to create a more intense effect on.

Antik crackle applied to a frame

Blocking Primer

Blocking Primer packaging

Blocking Primer is a protective primer. It protects surfaces from acid attack, preventing wood’s tannins from bleeding into the finish where an application of Rust Spirit, Copper Spirit or Bronze Spirit is to be used.

It can also be used to prevent the ‘softening’ of sensitive plastics.

Before and after using blocking primer on wood

Absolute Primer

Absolute Primer packaging

Absolute Primer is a priming coat for bonding products from the Spirit range to smooth, difficult and non-porous surfaces. It can be used both internally and externally and is perfect for use on surfaces such as glass, plastic and ceramics.

Once applied, the surface is ready for application of one of the Reactiv Leaf products.

Absolute primer being applied to a glass vase

Crackle Spirit Step 1 & Step 2

Crackle spirit Step 1 packaging

There are two ways of using these products; the Two Step way and the Four Step way.

The first step way uses Crackle Spirit Step 1 mixed into paint to create the effect if your surface is not already the colour that you wish to have.

It is the first step in a system for creating a contemporary crackle effect (porcelain type cracks) on any surface.

Crackle Spirit Step 2 packaging

Crackle Spirit Step 2 is the second step in the Two Stage way of creating a crackle effect on your surfaces.

You also use the Step 2 in the Four way application process where you apply it to surfaces that are already the colour in which you want the effect to be on.

You can also mix colours in to the Crackle Spirit, creating a two tone crackle effect.

Bronze Spirit

Bronze Spirit spray

Bronze Spirit is a blue oxide activator for creating realistic decorative effects on bare bronze surfaces or surfaces treated with Reactiv Leaf Bronze.

Using Bronze Spirit gives you complete control of how much oxidisation you want and where.

Bronze Spirit spray applied to a prepared glass vase

Copper Spirit

Copper Spirit spray

Copper Spirit is a grey-green (verdigris) activator for creating realistic aged copper effects on bare copper surfaces, or surfaces treated with Reactive Leaf Copper.

Using Copper Spirit means you can easily and specifically choose how you want your new surface to turn out.

Copper Spirit spray applied to a prepared ornament

Rust Spirit

Rust Spirit spray

Rust Spirit is a natural rust activator for creating decorative rust effects on ferrous metals or surfaces treated with Reactiv Leaf Rust.

Using Rust Spirit gives you complete control of how much oxidisation you want and where.

Spirit Sealer

Spirit Sealer packaging

Spirit Sealer stops and neutralises the effect of Rust Spirit, Copper Spirit and Bronze Spirit.

In doing so, it allows you to fix the decorative effect and colour once the desired level of oxidisation has been achieved. It will protect and seal in your decorated surfaces.

Spirit Sealer applied to a metal surface

Natural Varnish

Natural varnish Packaging

Natural Varnish is a matt finish for use on the effects created using the Owatrol Spirit range.

Use Owatrol Natural Varnish to help seal and protect the decorative surfaces from external weathering, or create a contrasting decorative effect on glossy surfaces.

Natural Varnish applied to a prepared surface

So there you have it! That is our entire range. What do you think, are you excited to try some out?

As always, if you have any tips or advice, please feel free to leave a comment below.

We love hearing from you! If you share your project on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest please feel free to tag us @owatrolUK or use #owatrolUK so we can see and share your hard work!

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