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Owatrol’s YouTube Videos

Some may not be aware of our YouTube channel, containing videos featuring and demonstrating some of our top selling products. Here we have compiled all of our YouTube videos into one handy list (albeit in 2 parts, 2nd part to follow next week) – you can see which products are featured and which have demonstrations.

Owatrol Deco – paint on anything!

This video highlights some of the main product features of Owatrol Deco, our powerful anti-rust primer and decorative multi-surface paint (a great all-in-one product). It also has some great inspiration shots to give you some ideas of uses for the product.

Silva Timber’s SCS Review

This video is not created by Owatrol, it’s a Silva Timber video using SCS alongside one of their products to create a stunning storage solution for your garden. The video demonstrates how to use SCS solid colour stain and also highlights some of its benefits. It’s great for us to be able to show you what other people are saying about our products.

Owatrol Net-Trol – the best way to restore weathered wood to its original colour

This video is a simple and easy to follow demonstration of how to use our wood cleaner and colour restorer, Net-Trol. Although in the video we use a pressure washer, you can still use Net-Trol with a garden hose and a brush.

Owatrol Textrol – the number one oil for preserving decking, fencing, sheds or any exterior wood

This video demonstrates the application of Textrol oil on fencing using a roller as well as highlighting some of the key features and benefits of the product. One of our flagship products, Textrol is a penetrating wood treatment and protection which provides excellent protection against moisture and damage caused by UV rays by saturating the wood and protecting from within.

Painting rusty metal with RA85 aluminium paint – perfect for metal or wood

Highlighting the key features of our aluminium paint RA85, this video also demonstrates its use alongside Aquadecks on some wooden garden furniture as well as some rusty metal. RA85 is our decorative aluminium finish paint for all surfaces with a high gloss look. It has great anti-corrosive properties and greatly prolongs the life of the treated surface.

The second instalment of our YouTube videos will be coming next week, please let us know if there are any videos or demonstrations you’d like to see in the future and we will do our best!

We hope this post on Owatrol YouTube videos interesting. If you have any other advice or top tips, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. We love hearing from you!

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