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The Low-down on the New Products

Since launching the new Owatrol Direct website we have been able to extensively expand the product range available online. Although these products are not all new to Owatrol Direct, they have not previously been available online!

So what’s new?

Owatrol Deco

Owatrol Deco, previously called Rustol Deco for long-standing customers who may be a little confused, is a high gloss multi-surface paint & rust inhibiting primer with a decorative finish which is suitable for all surfaces!

It’s an all-in-one product which provides rust-inhibiting corrosion protection and is available in 6 different colours. Owatrol Deco can be applied directly to rusted surfaces and is suitable for exterior and interior uses.

It works on all surfaces, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, wood, plastic and glass.

Example use – external grates and balconies, internal pipes and radiators

Mould Action

Mould Action has not previously been available through Owatrol Direct so it’s a brand new product for us. It’s a powerful anti-fungal pre-paint treatment which kills mould and mildew. Rather than just preventing the growth of fungus it actually eliminates bacteria and fungi which grow on all types of surfaces.

It is non-corrosive and does not contain dangerous formaldehyde or ammonia – so it’s safe for humans and plants. To use, simply apply by spraying, brushing or wiping the entire area (not just the affected area) and leave for 24 hours to complete penetration.

Example use – pre-decoration surface sterilisation of masonry, brickwork or plaster

The Owatrol Professional Range

Our professional range has been designed with professionals in mind and gives an outstanding finish. A few of the products in this range were available online, with the launch of the new website we’ve put the whole range up!


Tropitech is an all-in-one waterborne coloured protecting finish is suitable for exterior hard and soft woods. It has a high UV resistance and can withstand heavy use. It is quick to use with protection and finish all at once.

Tropitech seals the wood, resisting moisture penetration, rot and decay and contains a powerful UV screener that filters out the sun’s harmful ultra violet rays, protecting your wood for longer.

Example use – perfect for decking in heavy-traffic areas

D1 Pro

D1 Pro is a saturating wood oil for hardwood has a long lasting natural finish and high UV resistance. It’s ideal for dense, oily woods which are difficult to penetrate and is easy to use and maintain with no stripping or sanding. It is suitable for interior and exterior use and gives a long-lasting natural and mildew resistant finish.

Example use – external decking and cladding, interior stairs, doors and window frames


Anti-corrosive primer AP60 is for the protection of new or rusted surfaces which drives out moisture and creates a solid, stable layer which can be overcoated with any oil or alkyd based finish.

It gives a smooth matt finish in 4 different colours and is a suitable primer for woods, plastics, glass, ferrous metals and more.

Example use – rusted metal railings


This waterbased wood oil is suitable for exterior wood and has a matt-satin finish which enhances the natural beauty of the wood.

It penetrates and protects the wood from the effects of weathering and the sun. Aquatrol is easy to use with one coat maintenance and can be touched up locally as it does not peel or flake.

Example use – outdoor furniture

We hope you found this post about new Owatrol products interesting. If you have any other advice or top tips, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. We love hearing from you!

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Owatrol Team
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2 thoughts on “The Low-down on the New Products

  1. Need a hard wearing paint to paint on my decking which as being down about five years and is heavily walked over I’m looking for a aqua green colour

    1. Hi Neil,

      First you need to clean and protect the wood, as it has been down for so long. You can do this with Net-trol. Then the product you need is Solid Colour Stain – it is guaranteed for 5 years on decking and unlike traditional paints, SCS is actually a treatment that works with the wood rather than sitting on top of it, so it won’t peal or flake.

      Hope it helps!

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