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Introduction to Wooden Cladding

Wooden cladding is a practical, attractive way to adorn the outside of your building. It offers a natural, traditional-looking finish, is environmentally-friendly and with proper care can last for years.

About Wooden Cladding

Wooden cladding can be made from a variety of different wood species and come in many different styles. It can cover up a worn, weathered exterior with a fresh, new look. Or, just be fitted as a pure style choice. It can evoke the image of a traditional wood building, but it’s also a popular choice for modern structures.

Advantages of Wooden Cladding

Wood cladding is readily available from almost any supplier that doesn’t exclusively specialise in a different material. It’s also a reasonably affordable material, and one that is much easier to work with than other types of cladding. This lowers both the time and cost involved in installation. It’s entirely possible for anybody reasonably skilled in carpentry to fit wooden cladding themselves. If a specific area becomes damaged, it will be relatively simple to fix and should be possible to match the new wood closely with the old.

Coloured opaque matt wood finish

Another of the advantages of wooden cladding is that it can be used to achieve a lot of different looks. By choosing different species of wood and different styles of cladding, the final appearance of the building can be readily tailored. Your choice of wood treatment also gives you a lot of room to customise your cladding. A product such as Textrol or Textrol HES will give an oil finish, and a choice of natural wood shades. Or, the option to simply enhance the natural colour of your cladding with a clear treatment.

Alternatively, a product like Solid Colour Stain will give you access to a wider and brighter variety of colours.

Disadvantages of Wooden Cladding

As a natural and biodegradable material, wood cladding needs can require more maintenance than some other materials. Your choice of treatment can do a lot to minimise the work. Owatrol wood protection solutions can provide effective protection that should last for a number of years with either no maintenance or minor touch-ups to worn areas. However, the need to maintain your cladding and keep an eye out for wear should still be taken into account.

In the event that your wooden cladding does start to decay, unlike some other materials, it can become a safety concern. This is because pieces of wood or entire planks may become loose and be in danger of falling. However, this should only happen if there is damage to your cladding or rot gets out of control.

So, as a rule of thumb we recommend:

  • Keeping on top of maintenance,
  • Protecting your wood with a high quality wood protection product
  • Seeing to any problems that develop quickly

This will do a lot to prevent your cladding from becoming a hazard.

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