Top 10 decking ideas

Top 10 Decking Ideas From Owatrol

Are you looking to get a deck installed this Summer? Perhaps you’re already looking into it but are unsure of exactly what you want/need.

Or maybe you already have a deck installed but want to give it a makeover?

We have created our top 10 decking ideas to help inspire you and make the most of your space.

1) Make your deck multi-levelled

multi-levelled deck

If you have the space and the budget for it, opting for a multi-levelled deck can create a truly unique space that also helps with organisation. Using a variety of levels can provide the deck with spaces for specific things, such as a space for dining and barbecues, an area for lounging and entertaining or even a play area for the kids.

Having a multi-levelled deck can also assist in utilising uneven ground and so allows you to make the most of your space without making it feel over-crowded.

2) Paint your deck a darker colour

While some people may opt to paint their deck a light or neutral colour, why not opt for something a little more dramatic? Using a darker colour will make the lush plants in your garden stand out and steal the show.

When choosing a paint we recommend using one that offers quality protection and low maintenance.

Owatrol Decking Paint comes in 35 different colours and is incredibly easy to use with just 2 coats needed in most cases. It provides long-lasting performance, even in high traffic areas and what’s better is that it is *guaranteed against peeling and flaking for 5 years on decking!

You could furnish with unpainted wood furniture to bring it all together and create a truly natural look to your garden space.

3) Add potted plants or raised beds

potted plants on a deck

If you are limited or do not have any garden space, you can still have a garden feel! Why not incorporate potted plants or even raised beds on your deck? If your space is really tiny, you could even opt to create a vertical garden.

Be as creative as you like! You could have a herb garden, grow vegetables that do not take up much space, such as tomatoes, or plant a variety of flowers that bloom at different times of the year to change up the colour theme. The possibilities are endless!

4) Choose decking wood wisely

This is an easy thing to overlook when it comes to having a garden deck. Sometimes your budget won’t allow for your ideal wood choice, but try not to settle too much as you could end up with a wood that doesn’t suit your garden or your needs.

For instance, if you want minimal maintenance you could opt for a composite decking that is more resistant to rot. If you need a lower cost as possible, most people opt for a softwood but sometimes they require more maintenance.

Hardwoods, on the other hand, are naturally more resistant to rotting and warping making them an all round stronger board. Although more expensive, they could save you money in the long run. For more information about wood choices for your decking, take a look at our previous blog post that goes into much more detail.

5) Be bold with furniture colour choice

bold coloured furniture on a deck

Why not incorporate bold or darker coloured furnishings? This could be especially helpful if you have a lighter coloured wood. Having bold splashes of colour will make for a fun and exciting environment that won’t just blend in with the garden.

If having your garden and the deck all flow into one isn’t your thing, this will allow it to stand out and make itself known!

6) Mix patio slabs with decking boards

Are you torn between having a patio and a deck? Then why not have both! If you want something a little different, you could use both patio slabs and wooden decking boards to create a more eye-catching and unique space.

You will need to take into consideration the upkeep and maintenance of the two different types of materials and make sure they are compatible with one another, but this can make your space truly beautiful.

7) Provide natural looking cover with plants such as wisteria

wisteria pergola on a deck

Providing cover from the hot midday sun in the Summer months is usually very much appreciated! If you want to create shade that looks more natural and in-keeping with your garden, why not use climbing plants on an overhead trellis?

Why not use plants such as wisteria, clematis or honeysuckle? Not only will they provide shade, but they will also supply the garden with a beautiful smell and colour! Obviously, this does mean for extra maintenance with pruning. However, plants such as wisteria drop all of their flowers and leaves and go completely dormant over Winter. This means there will be no maintenance for several months of the year.

8) Up-light your decking

Using solar powered twinkle lights can create a beautiful wonderland type of ambience, but if you’re looking for something a little more contemporary, you could use up-lighting on your deck.

Should you have a multi-levelled deck, you can incorporate them into your steps to create a truly beautiful space. This way of providing lighting is very effective at creating a modern and clean aesthetic and works especially well if you have more of a minimalistic garden.

9) Fire pit or pond

Dire pit in deck with Aquadecks

Incorporating a centrepiece such as a fire pit or a pond can create a wonderful ambience in your garden. As well as creating a beautiful focal point, a fire pit is also great for keeping bugs away and can be used to cook.

If you still want to incorporate water into your garden but don’t want a pond, why not get a water feature? These can be as big or as small as you need and can be very cheap. The sounds of trickling water can be very calming if this is what you want to use your space for.

You can also take this opportunity to be as creative as you like. You can opt for a rustic handmade look, or something more professional looking with clean lines.

10) Create another room

Do you have a small space for a deck and aren’t really sure what to do with it? Just think of it as just another room in your house – you can use it for all kinds of things!

How about an outdoor office? You can get a small table and chairs and take your laptop outside, you could use that same furniture to dine al-fresco, you could use it for storage or you could even use it as a place to nap an install a hammock! The possibilities are endless!

We hope you have found our top 10 decking ideas helpful and are feeling inspired!

We love hearing from you, so if you have any other ideas, tips or advice please feel free to leave a comment below!

*Owatrol International warrants Decking Paint against peeling on wood decks for 5 years and against cracking, peeling and flaking on wood cladding for 15 years from the date of purchase if it is applied on bare wood to a properly prepared surface according to label directions. For more information please read the Decking Paint warranty sheet.

We hope you found this post helpful and got some ideas on how to make the most of your deck. If you have any other tips, tricks or advice, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. We love hearing from you!

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