Deks Olje D1 & D2

Deks Olje D1 & D2 Maintain a Nauticat 44 Pilothouse Boat

We have recently had a customer maintain their beautiful Nauticat 44 Pilothouse boat with Deks Olje D1 & D2.

As you can see, they decided to use Deks Olje D1 for the decking and Deks Olje D2 for the hand railings and features.

Boat finished with Deks Olje D2

What’s the difference between Deks Olje D1 and Deks Olje D2?

Owatrol Deks Olje D1 is our saturating hardwood oil with a clear matt finish. This is perfect for use on decking, garden furniture, exterior wooden doors etc. It replaces the natural oils lost from within the wood and protects it from any further damage.

Deks Olje D1 has been optimised for dense, oily and difficult to impregnate woods and can be used on horizontal and vertical surfaces. It provides protection against humidity and its effects, as well as against damage from UV rays…

Owatrol Deks Olje D2, is our flexible high gloss varnish. This is perfect for use on any type of wood where a glossy finish is prefered. However, please note that before using Deks Olje D2, all wood surfaces must be treated and protected with Deks Olje D1.

This is because Deks Olje D2 has a flexible finish where as Deks Olje D1 has a saturating finish; The Deks Olje D1 will deeply penetrate and saturate the wood so that it is safe to then apply Deks Olje D2 on top. This prevents it from peeling, flaking or blistering as water is unable to get into the wood below.

On boats, D2 can be used for all applications above the water line and below. However, please note that due to the high gloss finish D2 is not suitable for surfaces which will be walked on. This is because it would be very slippery.

Boat finished with Deks Olje D1 and D2

If I use Deks Olje D1 do I have to use Deks Olje D2 on top of it?

No, you do not have to use D2 on top of D1 – as mentioned above, in some instances we would not recommend it as it’s glossy finish can be unsuitable in certain areas.

However, if you want to have a glossy finish and so want to opt for the D2, you must apply the D1 first.

The combination of using D1 and D2 is a very popular one and we can see why! Take a look at some previous posts of customers using this system on the projects:

Owatrol D1 & D2 used on boat deck

We think you’ll agree that their boat turned out looking great!

Take a look at the product pages for D1 and D2 for more helpful information. Here you will find a “how much do I need” calculator, directions for application, technical data sheets and more.

You can find these products by clicking on the following links;

If you have any questions about Deks Olje D1 and D2, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We hope you enjoyed this post on using Deks Olje D1 and D2 on a wooden boat. If you have any other tips, tricks, or advice to keep your boat in tip top condition, please feel free to comment below and share!

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Deks Olje D1 & D2 used to maintain Nauticat 44 boat - Pinterest

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2 thoughts on “Deks Olje D1 & D2 Maintain a Nauticat 44 Pilothouse Boat

    1. Hi there Gerard,

      Thank you for your query.

      If you were to try this, satisfactory results are unlikely. As the D1 and D2 products have been developed to be used together, we cannot recommend applying D2 to anything other than a surface already treated with D1.

      As D1 sits within the wood, it allows D2 to adhere to the surface. A different finish or ‘varnish’, may simply sit on the surface, so when D2 is applied, it will not be in contact with the wood, but the previous coating, and will therefore peel and/or flake.

      Our general directions state that ‘D2 may only be applied to surfaces previously finished with D2 or D1. All other finishes must be completely and thoroughly removed’. Please also note that D2 should not be applied in temperatures lower than 8 Celsius, which will be the case for at least the remainder of this week.

      I hope this was helpful – please do contact us further should you have any more queries.

      All the best,
      The Owatrol Team

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