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Owatrol are masters in metal protection

If you came to see us at The National Painting and Decorating Show last week then you’ll have seen that we were shouting about our ‘Masters in Metal Protection’.

This group of 6 products offer a huge range of solutions for your metal projects from rust protection to resistance from chemical attack!

Here’s a rundown of the products and what they can do for you:

Owatrol Oil

This is our odourless, penetrating and isolating rust inhibitor and paint additive for oil-based paints.

Owatrol Oil rust inhibitor and paint conditioner

  • Can be used directly on rusted surfaces with no lengthy preparation work
  • Penetrates through rust to isolate the sound metal below
  • Drives out moisture and air to stabilise the metal and prevent more rust
  • Available in 0.5L-20L sizes and now available in a handy 300ml spray can
  • Colourless oil which gives a transparent matt finish (for a high gloss finish you can overcoat with Deks Olje D2)
  • Very good film-forming qualities (adhesion, flexibility, even film)
  • Can also be used to saturate and protect wood from damage caused by moisture whilst also protecting metal parts such as hinges from corrosion

RA.85 Aluminium Paint

Our highly flexible anti-corrosive aluminium paint finish for all surfaces with a high gloss look.

RA.85 anti corrosive Aluminium Paint

  • Intense high gloss aluminium look
  • Excellent abrasion resistance, withstands chemical attack and is ideal in aggressive climatic conditions where a high resistant finish is necessary
  • Highly flexible, anti-corrosive coating that possesses the deep penetrating and adhesion properties of Owatrol Oil
  • Can be used on any surface and adheres exceptionally well to clean, bright metal
  • Resistant up to 175˚C and will not peel or flake
  • Galvanised surfaces do not require weathering or pickling prior to use


Our anti-corrosive primer for all new and rusted surfaces which drives out moisture and creates a solid stable layer

anti corrosive primer

  • Suitable for the protection of all types of new and rusted surfaces
  • Gives exceptional protection against corrosion and weathering and creates a strong, stable layer for other finishes to adhere to
  • Penetrates below any residual rust to isolate and protect the sound metal below
  • Suitable primer for woods, plastics, glass, ferrous metals and more
  • Can be overcoated with any oil or alkyd based finish or left as the finial finish
  • Ideal for protection of machinery and automotive parts
  • A smooth matt finish available in 4 colours (white, grey, black and brick red)

CIP Corrosive Inhibiting Primer

Our rust inhibiting primer with penetrating properties of Owatrol Oil

Owatrol CIP Corrosive inhibiting primer

  • Rust inhibiting primer which contains the anti-corrosive properties of Owatrol Oil to stabilise the surface whilst penetrating the substrate, driving out excess moisture and air
  • Suitable for finishing with single and 2-pack paints and finishes
  • Ideal for use in difficult conditions such as marine environments
  • Easy to use with minimal preparation and does not require sand or shot-blasting first
  • Provides a solid, stable layer that other finishes can firmly adhere to

Owatrol Deco

The high gloss multi-surface paint & rust inhibiting primer with decorative finish for all surfaces

Owatrol Deco

  • All in one oil-based product which provides exceptional corrosion protection and decorative finish
  • Apply directly to rusted surface – does not require any priming or undercoating first
  • Highly flexible gloss finish makes it suitable for surfaces subject to movement
  • Available in a range of colours and suitable for interior and exterior use
  • Works on all surfaces: plastic, wood, ferrous and non-ferrous metals

Transyl Oil

Our multi-purpose lubricant and releasing oil with excellent penetration for hard to reach areas

lubricating and releasing oil

  • Unlocks tight or stuck mechanisms seized by rust and oxidation
  • Perfect for the dismantling and maintenance of metal assemblies and for lubricating hard to reach metal parts
  • Self-spreading with excellent ‘wetting’ and climbing abilities for hard-to-reach areas
  • Outstanding fluidity and lubricating ingredients
  • Excellent cleaning agent – dissolves and removes dirt, grime and grease
  • Leaves a thin protective film on the surfaces to shield against moisture and oxidation
  • Can be used on all surfaces and does not contain caustic or acidic substances and so does not damage paint
  • Quickly dries out electrical circuits to prevent moisture induced short circuits

Our metal protection products are perhaps not always as well known as our wood care range but are not to be missed.

We hope you found this post on how masters in metal protection interesting. If you have any other advice or top tips, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. We love hearing from you!

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10 thoughts on “Owatrol are masters in metal protection

  1. Hi, I have a raw steel staircase which I want to treat to prevent rust forming, it needs to be non-slip and preserve the look of the raw steel.
    Please can you recommend which product to use? Owatrol Oil?

    1. Hi there Olly,

      Owatrol Oil is perfect for the treatment of rust and to prevent it from returning. It should be noted though that Owatrol Oil is simply a rust inhibitor and as such does not offer any non-slip qualities. However, it is not a glossy finish either, so we would recommend purchasing a 100ml sample pot and testing it on a small area to see if it is suitable for your needs: they are £5 with free shipping.

      All the best,
      The Owatrol Team

  2. HI THERE,
    can you please tell me which product i could use – i have stripped and sanded a vintage metal rought iron bench frame – it was covered in old paint but i now have it completely paint and rust free – it´s back to the bare metal.
    because i like how the bare metal look i would prefer not to paint it with a coloured metal paint. It will be in my garden all year round so obviously i intend to protect the metal from the elements and to avoid rust.
    i would like a matt finnish – can i therefore just take the owatra oil paint conditioner only (say 2 coats) or is this product intended to be used under an oil based paint?

    1. Hi there Siobhan,

      Yes, you can use Owatrol Oil on its own to protect metal – it does not have to be mixed into a paint.

      All the best,
      The Owatrol Team

  3. Hi I have a Cotten rusted firepit bit would like to seal it now that it has rusted to a nice colour. I want to seal it so the rust does not transfer to clothing and remains stable. Which one of your products would work best? Thank you

    1. Hi there Ash,

      Owatrol Oil provides a tough, flexible finish that pushes out excess moisture and air from rusted surfaces, displacing it from the metal and so stopping further rusting.
      After application of Owatrol Oil, you could simply leave it as it is, or you could then apply a clear varnish such as Oxid Vernis:

      I hope this was helpful.

      All the best,
      The Owatrol Team

  4. Hi there,

    I have a forged metal garden gate that I have cleaned and carefully grinded/wirebrushed back to bare, raw metal.

    I would like to retain the forged hammered look of the raw forged metal finish but also effectively protect it against the outdoor elements and rust. I was thinking of using Owatrol Oil on it’s own but would appreciate advice. Would Owatol oil be suitable for this outdoor treatment? is the oil finish glossy or matt? Would it need to be re-applied regularly in your opinion? Thank you!

    Kind Regards,


    1. Hi there Trao,

      For metal that has been cleaned back to a bright finish, we recommend using an application of Owatrol Oil followed by an application of Oxid Vernis. Owatrol Oil has a transparent matt finish and Oxid Vernis has an option of finishes – gloss, matt and satin.
      The Owatrol Oil will act as a primer and rust inhibitor to protect the metal and the Oxid Vernis will keep the Owatrol Oil sealed in to do its job.

      You can read more about them here:

      Owatrol Oil

      Oxid Vernis

      I hope this was helpful – please feel free to contact us again should you require any further assistance.

      All the best,
      The Owatrol Team

  5. Hi there,

    I’d like to know which is the best product to protect steelwork located by an indoor swimming pool from rusting and chemical attack

    Thanks, Chris

    1. Hi there Chris,

      Unfortunately we do not have anything in the Owatrol range that would be suitable for you to use. For this particular surface and environment you would ideally need to use a 2 pack epoxy finish. This is because:

      1 – Getting the substrate dry enough to coat is difficult as the humidity in a swimming pool area is very high.
      2 – Due to the very high humidity, drying of our coatings will take a very long time.
      3 – Chlorine in the air from the pool is aggressive will readily attack a coating and ours are not designed for this type of application. Ideally you need a 2 pack epoxy finish.

      I hope this was helpful information. Sorry we could not be of more help on this occasion. We wish you the best of luck.

      All the best,
      The Owatrol Team

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