Owatrol's eco friendly woodcare products

Environmentally Friendly Wood Care Products From Owatrol

We believe that people should be able to get the wood care results they want without having to sacrifice the environment.

That’s why we are pleased to inform you that our wood cleaner Net-Trol, our wood stripper Prepdeck, our wood oil remover Aquanett and our solvent free paint stripper Dilunett have all been OECD 301F tested which means that they are environmentally friendly and easily biodegradable.

Eco Friendly wood care products from Owatrol

What makes these products different?

All four of these products are quick to work, easy to use and contain no bleach, solvents or paraffin, which means you can get to working on your next project without having to worry about the safety of the products.

Being environmentally friendly also makes clean up a piece of cake! All you need to do is simply wash away with water. The same goes with any brushes, sponges or any other tools used to apply the product.

For more information on these products, please click the following links:

Each product page comes with a technical information and data sheet which will hopefully answer any questions you may have. However, if you have any queries about these, or any other Owatrol products, then please feel free to contact us today.

We also have products in our Marine Care range that are biodegradable, environmentally friendly products.

We hope you enjoyed this post on environmentally friendly wood care products! If you have any other tips, tricks, or advice, please feel free to comment below and share!

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