Hardwood saturating oil Deks Olje D1 on a deck

Owatrol Deks Olje D1 – Our hardwood saturating oil

What is Deks Olje D1?

Deks Olje D1, our hardwood saturating oil penetrates deep into the wood to replace oils lost from pollution and UV. It pushes out moisture and air in the wood and fills the pores with oil. This enriches and stabilises the wood to provide long-lasting protection.

Deks Olje D1

What can I use it on?

Suitable for use on both interior and exterior timber Deks Olje D1 is easy to maintain with no sanding or stripping. D1 is perfect for use on parquet flooring, garden furnitre, timber decking, to revive door and window frames and to treat your boat hull.

Deks Olje D1 does not form a film on the wood but instead protects from within, so it will not peel or crack. It is a clear oil with a matt finish, which enhances the natural beauty of the wood.

Deks Olje D1 has been optimised for dense, oily and difficult to impregnate woods and is suitable for use on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

It provides protection against pollution, humidity and its effects, as well as against damage from UV rays.

If applied in marine environments it can be applied both above and below the waterline.

D1 can also be used as a primer for conventional single pack coatings and decorative finishes.

If you are looking for an intense high gloss finish, you could opt to use Deks Olje D2. To achieve this finish, all surfaces must first have an application of D1 before you can apply D2.

Take a look at the demonstration video below to see how quick and easy it is to apply Deks Olje D1 hardwood saturating oil.

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2 thoughts on “Owatrol Deks Olje D1 – Our hardwood saturating oil

  1. Have electric Iroko gate (2 gates) which have had for a year. The oil colour has faded and the wood become ash coloured. I need to buy one of your oils that will put the colour back in please advise which oil i require that has UV protection

    1. Hi there Vivienne,

      Before the application of a new wood oil, you would first need to remove the oil that is already on there. This is because Owatrol products are saturating products and as such, anything left on the surface of the wood would hinder the saturation and thus the finished result would be patchy.

      To ready the wood for application of an Owatrol wood oil finish, you would need to use a wood oil stripping product such as Aquanett: https://www.owatroldirect.co.uk/product/aquanett/
      After this you would need to use Net-Trol: https://www.owatroldirect.co.uk/product/net-trol/ to neutralise the stripper and give the wood a deep clean, ready for the application of your chosen wood oil.
      Once these two steps are complete, you can then apply a wood oil finish of your choice: https://www.owatroldirect.co.uk/woodcare/wood-oil/

      All the best,
      The Owatrol Team

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