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Metal protection is a must to keep it looking its best.
From boats to gates and everything in between, we’re confident Owatrol will have a solution.

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Our Owatrol Deco multi-surface paint is now available in 12 colours with an extra 7 added last week. This high-gloss multi-surface paint can be applied to any surface and acts as both a rust-inhibiting primer and a decorative finish in one. It provides exceptional corrosion protection and excellent resistance to the effects of weathering and pollution. It […]

Masters in metal protection! With the cold, wet and windy weather we are having at the moment, we thought it would be an excellent time to focus on our metal protection products; seeing as all the external metalwork is currently taking a bit of a battering! We will be featuring a product spotlight of one […]

If you came to see us at The National Painting and Decorating Show last week then you’ll have seen that we were shouting about our ‘Masters in Metal Protection’. This group of 6 products offer a huge range of solutions for your metal projects from rust protection to resistance from chemical attack! Here’s a rundown […]

We’re excited to announce that you can now purchase a 300ml spray can of Owatrol Oil for even easier application in those difficult to reach areas. What is Owatrol Oil? Owatrol Oil is our groundbreaking colourless penetrating and isolating rust inhibiting oil. It provides an extremely tough but flexible finish which penetrates through rusted metal to […]

We know that metal protection, in particular, is a minefield of different but similar products and it can be a challenge to work out which is best for your project. Hopefully, this guide will give you a better understanding of the Owatrol metal range and how to use our various solutions. This is, however, meant […]