coloured opaque finish SCS on a pool house

How to protect your wood cladding with a coloured opaque finish

Applying a coloured opaque finish on your cladding is a great way to protect it, whilst making it look great.

By using a good quality ‘all-in-one’ product, such as our Solid Colour Stain, you can ensure that maintenance is kept to a minimum. Top-up coats will only be required every few years – or sometimes even longer.

Our Solid Colour Stain provides your cladding with a strong, flexible film. It moves with the wood and will not flake or peel. It will ensure that your wood is protected against damage caused by UV rays and moisture. By using a high quality product, you will find long term protection with minimal maintenance.

Coloured opaque matt wood finishWhat do I need to know?

Containing Owatrol’s Emulsa-Bond, our Solid Colour Stain has excellent adherence, minimising the need for lengthy preparation and priming.

Solid Colour Stain can be applied to both new and weathered wood cladding, although new wood should be treated with Seasonite and left to weather before application and weathered wood should be cleaned with Net-Trol (and then left to dry). Alternatively, if you want to finish your wood straight away you can remove the mill glaze and then finish your new wood with SCS.

If your wood cladding has been previously coated, you will need to strip it with Dilunett or Aquanett and then neutralise with Net-Trol.

With 35 shades to choose from, you can choose something traditional or opt for a bright colour or statement look.

Poolhouse painted in SCSIf you’re feeling brave, you could even use multiple colours to create striking looks across different sections of your wood cladding, such as a ‘stripe effect’, achieved by painting alternate pieces of wood in two or more different colours.

Our Solid Colour Stain is guaranteed against peeling and flaking for 15 years on vertical surfaces, such as wood cladding when applied correctly to bare wood.

How to apply a Solid Colour Stain

Applying a Solid Colour Stain in a shade of your choice is very simple:

  • Using a roller, brush or sprayer, apply a coat of Solid Colour Stain, avoiding heavy application.
  • Allow this coat to dry for 3-4 hours.
  • Apply a second coat of Solid Colour Stain.
  • If using a sprayer to apply your Solid Colour Stain, make sure to brush or roll back immediately after application. This will ensure that there is even coverage and penetration, as well as a uniformity of colour.

Clean all of your tools with soap and water whilst they’re still wet. You will need to use paint stripper to remove excess paint, if you have left your tools to dry.

As with all of our products, make sure you follow the instructions and safety precautions stated on the tin.

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