Deck finished with Traditional Grey Decking Paint - image credit to @tiny_victorian_home

Owatrol Summer Showcase 2022

Another year gone by means another customer showcase! Take a look at a few of our favourite projects in this Owatrol Summer Showcase 2022!

We regularly get sent pictures from our wonderful customers showing us their latest projects that they have used Owatrol products on. So, just as we did last year, we thought we would share a few of our favourites with you!

Head down to the bottom of the post for details of where you can send in pictures of your latest project and we might feature it in a future blog post.

Garden decks transformed with Owatrol Decking Paint

This customer had 2 decks in her garden that were in good condition but looking a little worse for wear. Alex really liked the look of painted decks but was worried it wouldn’t last and that she would have to paint it again every year.

That’s when she looked into high quality paints and came across our Owatrol Decking Paint. Upon learning the specifics on her decks, (there were no previous finishes applied, so she did not need to use a stripping product), we recommended using Net-Trol before applying Decking Paint. This was necessary to deeply clean and brighten the wood safely.

Alex then decided to try out 3 samples; Traditional Grey, Light Grey and White. After testing the samples out on some off cuts of wood, she opted for Traditional Grey.

Learn more about the project in our previous blog post, ‘Garden decks transformed with Owatrol Decking Paint‘.

Garden sauna finished with Owatrol S.C.S

Another recent customer, Derek, had a jacuzzi and sauna installed in their garden. Being familiar with Owatrol already (he had previously used Aquadecks) he opted to use S.C.S (Solid Colour Stain) this time to finish his pine sauna.

He used Light Blue for the main body of the sauna and Light Grey for the door, window frames, trims etc.

Here’s what Derek had to say about using S.C.S:

The results are in the pictures. I’m certainly happy with how it went on, and the coverage and the end result.

Learn more about the project in our previous blog post, ‘Garden sauna finished with Owatrol S.C.S‘.

Ipe hardwood decking restored with D1 Pro

Next up is Joel’s garden deck, benches and raised planer edging! The wood had a previous finish applied to it, so he used Aquanett first to remove this coating and then neutralised and brightened the wood with Net-Trol.

Once the wood was dry, he then applied D1 Pro with microfibre cloths. We think you will agree, the wood looks good as new!

Learn more about this project in our previous blog post, ‘Ipe hardwood decking restored with D1 Pro‘.

Luxury charter boat restored with Deks Olje D1

This customer had recently purchased a 1974 Dunlin sea fishing boat and had big plans for it! Jordan wanted to completely restore the boat and use it instead as a luxury charter boat on the Henley river.

When looking for a wood oil to finish Poppy, he couldn’t find the authentic and natural finish he was looking for in other brands. Once he discovered Deks Olje D1 and applied it to Poppy, he said;

It was so much easier to use than varnish and that the results were amazing!

We think you will agree that Poppy now looks as good as (if not better!) than new!

You can learn more about Poppy and Jordan in our previous blog post, ‘Luxury charter boat restored with help from Owatrol‘.

Restoring a 1963 chassis of a Citroën AK350 with CIP & Owatrol Oil

Here’s one to keep an eye on if you’re a lover of car restoration work! Mike of @team_easy_rider on Instagram has been updating us with images of his Citroën AK350 that he has begun restoring, with a helping hand from Owatrol.

Restoring a Citroën AK350 with CIP & Owatrol Oil

Mike has been using a combination of Owatrol CIP (Corrosive Inhibiting Primer) and Owatrol Oil to help protect the car’s chassis. Using these two products together will help prevent any further rusting, as well as priming it ready for further work.

We will have a blog post dedicated to this project soon but couldn’t wait to share the process with you all! Be sure to follow Mike on Instagram to keep up to date with the latest updates on the project.

So, there we have the Owatrol Summer Showcase 2022!

If you have completed a project using Owatrol products, please feel free to send us some before and after pics so we can share your hard work with the world. We love hearing from you!

You can send them to us on TwitterFacebook, Instagram or send them directly to us at

If you share any images on your social pages where you’ve used Owatrol products, please feel free to tag us @OwatrolUK or use #OwatrolUK so we can see and share!

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