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Build your wood care team and get your project underway!

We’re all starting to believe now that summer really just might be on its way! With the bank holiday weekend just around the corner we’ve got an extra day to relax (or get some jobs done) in the garden.


Now is the perfect time to get the garden looking great! Follow our guide to figure out which of our wood care product range is right for you.

First prepare your surface

Preparing your surface depends on what condition it’s in and what has been done to it in the past. Here are some basic guidelines:

My wood is new and hasn’t been treated

Use Seasonite this summer to protect your new wood in its first year and then next summer you can apply a finish once the wood has settled.

My wood is weathered but has never been coated with anything

You’ll just need to give your wood a good clean with Net-Trol to remove any built up dirt and grime and restore the wood’s original colour before applying a finish.

My wood has had wood oils applied in the past

You’ll need to remove the wood oils using Aquanett and then neutralise the surface with Net-Trol to get your wood ready for a new finish.

My wood has had opaque finishes, paints or stains applied in the past

You’ll need to remove these first using Dilunett (for decking you can use Prepdeck instead) which can remove up to 8 coats in a single application – then neutralise the surface with Net-Trol to have it ready for a finish

Next you choose your finish!

Once your surface is ready for a new finish you’ve got a decision to make. Essentially you’ll be choosing between;

  • A clear finish
  • A penetrating wood oil which protects the wood from within
  • A semi-transparent finish
  • An opaque finish.

Use our guide below to give you advice about which product to use.

I’m looking for a clear finish…

textrol-packagingIf you’re after a clear finish then for most projects we’d recommend either Textrol saturating wood oil or Textrol HES (like Textrol but applied in a single coat!).

I’m looking for a penetrating wood oil…

textrol-hes-packagingIf you’re looking for a penetrating wood oil for softwood then we’d recommend Textrol or Textrol HES (single coat saturating wood oil), they’re both available in a range of colours. If you’re looking for a wood oil for hardwood then use Deks Olje D1 or D1 Pro for additional UV resistance and longevity. We’d particularly recommend D1 Pro for hardwood decking for a really professional finish.

I’m looking for a semi-transparent finish…

tropitech-packagingFor a semi-transparent finish use Aquadecks or for additional longevity and minimal maintenance use Tropitech instead. Tropitech is quick and easy to use. It enables preparation, protection and finish to be completed in a single day!

I’m looking for an opaque coloured finish…

decking-paint-packagingThis one’s easy, for decking use Decking Paint available in 13 different colours, for sheds, summer houses, play houses or fences use Shed & Fence Paint available in 34 different colours and for anything else use Solid Colour Stain, also available in 34 colours. All are applied in 2 coats and come with guarantees against peeling or flaking (see specific product information for details).

We hope you found this post on building your wood care product range interesting. If you have any other advice or top tips, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. We love hearing from you!

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2 thoughts on “Build your wood care team and get your project underway!

  1. I am about to lay a new decking using yellow balau. Should I use Seasonite and how much will I need for 30squ mars?

    1. Hi Mike,
      You are correct, we would recommend using Seasonite to protect your deck during its first year. Then, next summer you can clean the wood and restore it to its natural colour with Net-Trol before applying your chosen finish. This will allow the wood plenty of time to settle and stabilise in order for a new finish to perform well. You will need approximately 6L of Seasonite to cover a 30sqm area but we would recommend purchasing extra as the exact amount will depend on the temperature, age, type and porosity of the wood.
      If we can be of any further help then please let us know,
      The Owatrol Team

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