Owatrol Oil being applied to a rusted metal gate with a brush

How to protect metal from rust with Owatrol

To protect metal from rust you may think is a difficult or daunting task. However, it can be very quick, easy and affordable when you use products from Owatrol.

We have a wide range of metal protective oils and finishes for a variety of uses.

Owatrol Oil

Owatrol Oil being applied to a rusted metal gate with a brush

Owatrol Oil is a versatile, highly penetrating rust inhibitor that provides a tough, flexible finish. It saturates deep into the metal surface and drives out excess moisture and air from the rusted area and so stops it from continuing to damage your metal.

It can be used on non-ferrous metals for interior and exterior use and on a wide variety of surfaces such as:

  • Steel structures, metal fences, railings, garden furniture, pipes, nuts, bolts, screws etc.
  • On various machinery, engine parts, trailers etc.
  • On boat hulls, tanks and more.

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Transyl used to loosen a nut

Transyl Oil is a multi-purpose, highly saturating, lubricating, self-spreading oil that has exceptional ‘wetting’, spreading and climbing abilities. It’s able to get to the most difficult to reach areas and is perfect for the dismantling and maintenance of metal assemblies as well as for lubricating hard to reach metal parts. It does not contain any caustic or acidic substances and as such does not cause any damage to painted surfaces.

Transyl oil can be used on all surfaces to:

  • Release rusted parts such as bolts, screws, chains, bearings and conveyors
  • Lubricate hinges, chainsaws, pulleys, locks, tools etc.
  • Clean engines as well as industrial and marine equipment
  • Dissolve adhesives and gums – for easy removal of residue caused by labels, stickers, tape, etc.
  • As a machining lubricant; especially useful for working with aluminium and its alloys, plastics as well as stainless steel
  • For electrical assemblies, circuit boards, automotive electrics and controls etc.

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Owatrol Deco

Painting metal fence with Owatrol Deco

Owatrol Deco is an oil-based multi-surface paint suitable for use on all surfaces. It is fortified with Owatrol Oil which provides exceptional corrosion protection as well as excellent resistance to the effects of weathering, UV rays and pollution.

Owatrol Deco does not require any priming to be performed before application and can simply be applied directly onto rusted surfaces. It will saturate deep down into the metal to provide long-lasting protection and extend the lifetime of the treated surface.

Owatrol Deco is suitable for interior and exterior uses and will adhere to all surfaces. Use it to:

  • Revive plastic guttering and drain pipes
  • Paint uPVC window and door frames
  • Protect pipework and machinery parts from corrosion
  • Finish agricultural or industrial buildings
  • Protect and re-paint rusted gates, metal railings, garden furniture etc.

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RA85 Aluminium Paint

RA85 on airstream campervan

RA.85 Aluminium Paint is a flexible, high-gloss, anti-corrosive coating fortified with Owatrol Oil to provide premium corrosion protection. RA.85 leaves a highly elastic surface which will not crack, flake or peel and galvanised surfaces do not require weathering or pickling before application.

You can apply RA.85 to both interior and exterior surfaces and on all ferrous and non-ferrous metals. RA.85 has excellent abrasion resistance, withstands chemical attack and is ideal in aggressive climatic conditions where a highly resistant finish is necessary.

It has excellent resistance against the effects of the weathering, UV rays and pollution as well as excellent light and heat-reflecting properties. Once fully cured, RA.85 can withstand temperatures of up to 175ºC!

RA.85 Aluminium Paint can be used on:

  • Both internal and external horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Metal gates, fences, structural steel, roofing, storage tanks, trailers
  • Automotive parts such as exhaust pipes, bumpers, wheels etc.
  • Machinery, pumps, electrical, plumbing, boat bilges etc.

Watch our demonstration video below to see the application and finished result of RA.85:

Owatrol C.I.P

CIP applied to a metal gate

Owatrol C.I.P (Corrosive Inhibiting Primer) is a rust-inhibiting primer suitable for finishing with both single and 2-pack paints and finishes. It contains the anti-corrosive properties of Owatrol Oil which enable it to stabilise the surface to offer premium protection.

It does this by saturating deep into the surface and pushing out excess moisture and air to form a solid stable layer.

Owatrol CIP can be used for:

  • Inhibiting rust development on everyday items such as railings and gates
  • Resisting corrosive fumes
  • Protecting motor vehicles
  • Avoiding rusting on construction equipment
  • Protecting ballast tanks of ships
  • Priming steel structures

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AP60 used on metal guttering

Owatrol AP60 is an anti-corrosive primer for the protection of both new and rusted surfaces. It saturates deep into the surface to the sound metal below, pushing out moisture and air and sealing the underlying surface to form a strong and stable layer.

This gives exceptional, premium protection against corrosion and weathering, whilst also creating a strong, stable layer for other finishes to adhere to. You can overcoat AP60 with any single pack paint or it can simply be left as is in one of the 4 available colours.

As well as metal, AP60 can also be used on other types of surfaces such as plastic, wood, fibrous cement and more!

Some ideal uses for AP60 are:

  • Preventing rusting on fencing, railing, gates, guttering etc.
  • Providing exceptional protection for machinery and automotive parts
  • Guarding against the effect of weathering on steel structures

Take a look at our gallery below for more inspiration.

We hope you found this post helpful. If you have any tips or tricks about protecting metal, please leave them in the comments below. We love hearing from you!

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